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0 posted 2000-03-26 12:26 PM

A simple shadow of my past
unfortunate you are
now back with judgments quick to cast
you wound a long healed scar.

You know my name and nothing more
but rumors that you’ve heard
and still you sound so very sure
you know me with each word.

You lift yourself and push me down
But I’m not one to die
I don’t need you, your friends, this town
it all has been a lie.

All I need to make it through
This world that holds me back
Is knowing that the kids like you
will someday fade to black.

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1 posted 2000-03-26 02:49 AM

such emotion written in these words, you have been hurt by these poeple obviously.
You know that old saying "what goes round comes around" comes to my mind when I read this.
They will get theirs in the long run in some way, just make sure you don't bring yourself down to their low level.

 Keep all the windows of your mind open
Anne Rooks

Lucius Cade
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2 posted 2000-03-26 03:30 AM

I can relate to your situation, when you hate the town you live in, and the people in it. Great poem with alot of feeling. You make your point very clear.

 Lucidity is the answer to all problems

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3 posted 2000-03-26 07:04 AM

Wow! This poem is so full of emotion. I hope that the hurt you feel heals with time. Hang in there! They who hurt you will get their just desserts.


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4 posted 2000-03-26 07:34 AM


VERY well written.  I picked up your posting in the open forum....  I am glad I came over for a look. It can be most difficult to follow your own path.  It takes the strength of characture I see in this poem!  Again well done.

Kevin (INclan)

StayC Woytas
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5 posted 2000-03-26 10:29 PM

Hey that poem was amazingly wriiten you have such talent to write and obciously heaps of emotion and pain to express.  You sound like a great guy. Keep 'ya head up!!


April Resi
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6 posted 2000-03-27 12:14 PM

Very good poem with lots of feeling....
I'm sorry to say, I've been there. Where you hate the town, the people, even the feel of the place. And I know how trapped you must feel. Beleive me tho, they'll get what's coming and you'll make it thru as long as you stay strong and don't become the things that you hate!

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7 posted 2000-03-27 01:13 AM

Ah, your words are so true, Kevin.  When you step back and look at where you'll be five or ten years down the road, then look at where they'll be, you realize that in the long run, you're going to be much better off.  Exellent work, I can relate very much.

 *Krista Knutson*

~*Only when trudging through the soul's darkest midnight can one truly appreciate the glory of the sunrise*~

Mellon Collie
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8 posted 2000-03-27 11:24 AM

dear kevin,
     i've certainly (CERTAINLY) been in this situation before.  a number of times actually.  i think you do a sincere and well-versed job in expressing the situation here. i particularly like the 2nd stanza.  i can't say i really care for the final line though. somehow it just doesn't seem to flow for me.  i was thinking mabye "will someday fade to black" would be a little better there.  it's up to you, of course.  keep up the good work and never lay down the pen.

the beautiful freak

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9 posted 2000-03-27 01:05 PM

NO I TOTALLY AGREE!!! thank you, i knew that line wasnt working excellent woohoo thanks haha
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10 posted 2000-03-28 08:25 PM

Kevin, great job, I think it still would fit in open too.


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11 posted 2000-03-28 08:45 PM

Your poem is very powerful. I've felt like this before, I posted a similar poem titled With Closed Eyes earlier in this forum. I liked your last line. Isn't *Fade To Black* a Nirvana song? just wondering...peace out  

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12 posted 2000-03-29 09:56 AM

Hey!  Don't worry, I know exactly where you're coming from here in this poem.  I live in a little town, and haven't really been accepted by people because they like to spread rumors and all that good stuff.  Sure it hurts, but you have to be strong, and not let it get to you.  You know someday they'll get what they deserve.  But, don't worry about it.  You know you always have friends here.
~Kristi Lynn

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13 posted 2000-03-30 12:20 PM

Hey Kev~
Yes, I totally agree.  Sometimes people do say selfish things to hurt other people, that only temporarily make themselves feel better.   Like you always said, it takes a big person to apologize, but an even bigger person to forgive.  We all say things at moments of weakness to temporarily place a bandage on our own problems, and its not right.  It s the strong people that can refrain from doing the actions of pushing others down, while the weak give in.
keep your head up

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14 posted 2000-03-30 12:24 PM

I've met people like this and man i feel just the same emotions you put in this poem.I think we need more people like you in this world to express feelings like this as you have in your poem.
        from--->    Heart on Sleeve

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