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0 posted 2000-03-25 05:52 PM

Here's a little poem I wrote. It's basicly kinda stupid, but I wanted to write something about America and its history. I couldn't really think of good rhyming words but this is what I came up with...

Ye Old America

Oh say can you see
America , the beautiful, you must believe.

Forefathers, there we a few,
some rode naked on a horse
from dusk till dew

Washington a man of action
who could chop down a cherry tree,
Franklik the dude who created electricity.

Jefferson who wrote the constitution,
Hancock suffered from some kind of frostbite illusion.

Betsy Ross, yeah, she made the flag
and Edison gave us light without any snag.

God bless the land of the free,
Oh yes America, I do believe!

Well, that's that. Kinda kinky, but cool if your into USA history. I'm working on a great new poem called TROUBLE. It's about the life of the modern teen and his/her problems they have to deal with. I'll post it as soon as i'm done with it.

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1 posted 2000-03-25 11:03 PM

I love U.S. history, and I think it's great that you have so much pride for this country that you were compelled to write it down in words. Great job on this.

Oh yeah, your new poem should be appropriate since this is a TEEN forum! Peace out.

Mellon Collie
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2 posted 2000-03-26 02:18 AM

dear bert,
     not much of a patriot on this end, but i did get a good chuckle out of some of the absurdities in the poem "rode naked on a horse" *heh*.  i'd be interested in seeing your ideas about modern teenagers, seems a lot of people have a really warped view of we gen-Xers (not that i can blame them).

the beautiful freak

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3 posted 2000-03-26 07:16 AM

I think this poem is quite cool actually! I don't live in or come from America but it is nice to see your pride in the country you live in.I am looking forward to your poem on modern teens.
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