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The tale of a broken is a sad one.
It is about my broken heart.
My life I have lived how people wanted me to.
I still suffer,
Suffer that I am not the man a wish I can be.
Inside my heart is a man hidden for all time.
That is the man I want to be.
As I speak I am nothing more that a walking mass of tissue.
Not human by human understanding.
I am like the shadow of the night.
At least I wish I was.
See if I was the night I would by able to fade into the night hiding all this pain I have caused.
But then I would be a coward for running away from the fear I face today.
My fear is I will hurt someone by my actions, my words, just my very being.
I fear came true wensday when my one of my best friends and I starting fighting over stupity on my part.
I liked her so much.
I got stupid and conceded really conceded.
I will just leave it at this because I will starting crying if I start going into detale.
I hurt my friend really badly I betrade her trust,
I hurt her, and worse I scared our friendship she is able to forgive me.
But I just cannot forgive myself.
I am a really senetive person if I hurt someone it take me along time to forgive myself even if the person forgives me.
I was put into this world not to hurt people but to try to help them.
I am not doing what I suppose to.
My tale of my broken heart is a endless poem or story I could never complete it.

I wrote this because I have alot in my heart I am dealing with I am trying to find a date but in my present state I don't deserve anyone.
Because right now not the man I want woman to see.
if you like my potry it come for my heart and so if my like my potry you like what is inside my heart but I need to change I don't need anyone right now.
I don't deserve anyone.

 The Phamtom Poet
Michael Jay

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1 posted 2000-03-17 10:37 AM

You may not need anyone in a relationship, but you do need a friend.  
I am here if you need a friend,
and I hope everything gets better for you.
I realize it'll take time,
but remember that time heals all wounds.
I'm here for you.
~Kristi Lynn

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