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new orleans

0 posted 2000-03-08 11:37 PM

As of today, I have asked Ron to remove me as a moderator in this forum... I'm doing this because I have been unable to perform my duties as moderator as of late and I feel foolish calling myself a moderator when I do not do what I am called to do... It has truly been a pleasure and a blessing dealing with all of you... I may be in occassionally to read, respond, and post, but not nearly as often as previously... If any of you would like to talk to me about this in more detail, or for some strange reason just want to say hi, email me at here is my final post (a farewell address and an apology):

Tones of Plaid

I see this wilted world in shades of plaid
No longer black and white
Or soft, confusing tones of grey.
Now the black is shaded red
And the white has turned to green
And the greys account for every other
Color in between.
Each circumstance is painted
With the opinions of the masses
And experience is tainted
With each splotch of orange or blue

Now each color fades into another
As the philosophic pinwheel
Dizzies my amalgamated mind
And each green is seen a yellow
And each truth is seen a lie
And these loudly-wrenching metal
Gears grind 'round inside my mind
And bright-red sparks of purest truth
Spiral down to singe my heart
Where faith and love abide

And all-in-all I swear I love
God's children every one
And stepping off the silver platform
Into the blue and green sunrise
And as my world fades back to grey
I take my leave of all of you

jerome the mysterious priest

 Nothing can stop me now, cause I don't care anymore...

© Copyright 2000 Jerome Solomon - All Rights Reserved
since 1999-07-07
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1 posted 2000-03-08 11:50 PM friend *smile*  You know I hate seeing you go.  But I understand your position.  I'm grateful to have met you and to have been introduced to your poetry.

You are very talented my friend...You know i love this poem.  And let me just say..i like this ending better *smile*  

I want you to know how much it means to me to have been talking to you    I appreciate your friendship...and our exchange of poetry.  I respect your advice and enjoy your grand reviews.

I will miss you here in the forums...but I will be with you always my friend.  You're a wonderful guy...talented any many ways.  You already know the meaning of life..and i'm jealous    

Come back to visit us here...and i'll catch up with you as I often do.

Take care my mysterious priest,


since 2000-01-31
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2 posted 2000-03-09 03:18 AM

Hey pk..... where have u been??And why are u doing this?
I mean thats not fair...u r leaving just when i became a memeber!If anythings wrong ..we r all here!I just loved yer poem ..its amazing u r sooooo good!Plz hang around...cos i always find myslef waiting for yer work..its the best and u learn a lot from it too!take care see ya faith


since 2000-01-14
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3 posted 2000-03-09 01:27 PM

Well, you know that this is a surprise to me, but I won't interfere with what you decide.  You've become a good friend to me, and I want to thank you soooooo much for being there when I need someone to talk to.  You don't realize just how much it means to me.  *Smile*  I hope to hear from you, anyways, whether it be here in the forums or through e-mail...  Just remember what I said, if you ever need anyone, I'll always be here for you, okay?  
Take care my friend, and never forget the crazy Kristi Lynn...        

since 2000-02-15
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Cecil, Wisconsin USA
4 posted 2000-03-09 01:50 PM

It will be hard to see you go!   PLease don't leave me! LOL! I hope you come back and read all of our poems and say hi every once in a while. I"ll e-mail you sometime!  
C-ya! And come back soon!! PLEASE?!? I BEG YOU!!?!?!? LOL!

 "If thou can wait then thou shall stay"
-Destiny's Child

since 2000-03-08
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Duluth, MN, USA
5 posted 2000-03-09 04:59 PM

You're poetry is awesome. It sends out a meaning to all. Why must you go?  ( But, ultimately, it's your decision, and you're friends can back you on it. Come back and visit soon!

Heidi Wiitanen

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6 posted 2000-03-09 05:43 PM

Jerome, I'll be sad to see you go, but I can relate to a world going everywhere at once. I will look forward to seeing anything you post. Good luck in life!


 "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world"

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since 2000-02-10
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7 posted 2000-03-09 07:35 PM

  We will miss you. Thank you for sharing your life and so many of your feelings with us.  

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San Jose, CA, USA
8 posted 2000-03-09 07:37 PM

See ya Jerome. I wish you luck and prosperity in life. Visit often, you will most likely find me in open, but I have been known to stick my head in here every one and awhile  
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9 posted 2000-03-09 09:36 PM


I am sad to see you go, I've seen your work and you are an excellent writer.  Although I understand that being a moderator
must have been a time consuming job- I admire you for taking on such a load in the first place!  I'm sorry that I didn't get to
know you better, I haven't had much time to spend on here myself.  If you ever feel the need for someone to talk to, please
write! -  --And come back and visit here often- you're obviously very well loved here.  Thank
you for sharing your gifts!


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since 1999-06-16
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In the space between moments
10 posted 2000-03-09 10:38 PM

I'm sad to see you go also, poetry_kills.  I've enjoyed your presence here as a fellow moderator greatly.  You have a remarkable talent when it comes to poetry, so please drop in from time to time and grace us with your gift.  Good luck to you.  

 *Krista Knutson*

"Every moment marked with apparitions of your soul...." ~*Sarah McLachlan- Do What You Have To Do*~

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since 2000-02-02
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11 posted 2000-03-10 12:41 PM

Jerome I must say that it is quite a sad thing to bid you farewell as you are one of the most talented, passionate writers that I have come across. Your writing inspired me and your thoughtful comments on not only my poetry but everyone elses was productive and enlightening.
it would be great to see you in here posting and replying as you will still be contributing to a place I have grown to know and love.

One your poem it was great and a good choice of wording was used. once again, great work.

Thanks for sharing your talents and I hope to still catch you in here.


Anonymous Female

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since 2000-01-13
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North Carolina
12 posted 2000-03-10 10:12 AM

Jerome, it won't be the same coming here and not reading your awesome poems and your honest criticisms and praises of our poetry. You have so much talent and passion, and for that I envy you. I have always looked forward to what you had to say about my writing because I knew you would be straitforward and give me good advice. But I know that sometimes I go a week or so without coming here, and to be a moderator would be impossible for me, so I understand your position. Don't feel like you've let any of us down, you've been a huge inspiration to me, and I'm sure everyone else as well. Do keep posting and replying here when you can, it will be greatly appreciated. Take care!


since 2000-02-07
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New Orleans, Louisiana
13 posted 2000-03-10 03:06 PM

well jer, i'ld like to say i'm gonna miss ya alot but i really can't miss ya mre than i already do.  the chance meetings when we're both online keep me sane enough though.  i will miss yor responses to my poetry though, i like the responses of a good friend much better, they mean more to me, so until next time my dear friend, i bid you adieu...oh yeah, that last poem just blew me away jer, it was the by, what is amalgamated?  
your brother in beatdom

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new orleans
14 posted 2000-03-10 11:13 PM

First, I'd like to thank you all for showing me that you care and that my efforts here were appreciated at least to some extent... I would also like to say thank you for trying to understand and I promise to visit from time to time... and who knows, mabye one day i'll be a regular again *heh*...

carman, my dear friend: thank you for your most kind and understanding words... i'm sure that whatever trace of talent i might have displayed here can be easily be made up by yourself... just so you know, i fully expect to be updated on all your writing ventures  ... i'll be sure to check back in from time-to-time, and as for the meaning of life thing: you'll get it one day    

faith, the teenage mystic poet: i've been dealing with a lot of personal issues lately... many of them have come to resolution at last, but they involve my time and strength to maintain, i hope you can understand... i also feel as though i've lost my passion for poetry (no pun intended)... i will post in the future, but not as often, and i'm afraid i wont be responding nearly as much... if you ever have a poem that you want my analysis on (or just think i might like to read) please email it to me at so i'll be sure to see it... if you want a critique, i'll email you back with it as soon as i have time to think about the poem (this invitation is open to anyone)...

kristi: you, also, have become a good friend and i hope that we will be able to keep in touch despite my absense from the forums... i'll keep your concerns in my prayers and i'm always willing to lend a caring ear, so dont be afraid to get in touch with me if there's something weighing on your heart... for now, adieu...

jennye: i promise to come back from time to time, so dont think that i'm leaving for all time... just until i can find a bit of peace...

heidi: howdy... didn't know that you had a presence in this forum *hehe*... as i've said, i'm not leaving for all time, just for a while... i'll be sure to look you up on here when i visit...

lovebug: i'm sorry to hear that you can relate... and i wish you the same luck in life...

rachella: thank you for appreciating my work and my words  

mistikman: it's been a pleasure and an honor to be associated with such a fine poet as yourself... i wish you the best in open (i knew we'd lose you to them *heh*  )...

penelope: your kind words are like a balm to my ailing heart... i've enjoyed reading your poetry as well, and i wish you the best in your future literary endeavours... and i may just take you up on the offer of email...

krista: it's been wonderful to work with you (as well as with Jer and Marilyn) in this forum... you've all been so supportive and kind to me (even when i screw things up)... while i am saddened that i am giving up being a part of such a wonderful work here, i also honestly feel that this is what is best for me... you can be sure i'll be back though...

anonymous: i promise you that i was never one of the "better" poets in the forum... as a shameless promotion of personal friends, i would point you to my friends Rich-pa and Armanca as examples of poets far better than myself... i will maintain an occassional presence in the forum, so keep an eye out for me... and i'll do what i can to catch your works as they appear...

lyricfetish: i've always enjoyed your work, and you'll certainly be one of those that i keep an eye out for in the forum... thank you for your kind words... if you ever want a critique from me of a poem you've written, just email it to me (address above) and i'll get back to you asap...

rich-pa, the beat knight of the new camelot -- my brother and my friend: i may be down, but i'm certainly not out... i'll be in and out... and i'll look up your posts when i visit... if you want, you can run your new stuff by me via email... i hope to see you over spring break this next week... take care of yourself and keep the beat alive...

oh yes, amalgamated means "blended" or "merged together"...

jerome the mysterious priest

 From clay was he formed, to clay he returned;
His body from dust the Creator wrought.
For all he had seen and all he had learned,
He still could not capture the treasure he sought.

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