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Teen Poetry #2
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0 posted 2000-03-01 11:10 PM

I am sixteen, sixteen years old,
I still pray for someone to hold.

I have a boyfriend, But I care much more,
I gave him my heart and he walked thru the opposite door.

He was there for me through the good and bad,
I didn't ask him to be there through the history I had.

But that was a long time ago, though currently new,
Years ago I claimed I asked simply who?

He knew everything, I shared with him my past,
Even after he knew, he still made it last.

That man that day gave me H.I.V,
Didn't think twice about what it meant for me.

It meant that he stole my hopes and my dreams,
I have HIV do you realize what that means?

It means I can't make love, can't have a baby,
There are so many definates, yet so many maybies.

My boyfriend..We always said Thick and Through,
Till I told him about HIV, and he said I'm through with you.

I was all alone and alone's a big place,
I'd sit in my room, walk back and forth, and just pace.

When I found out it wasn't H.I.V and Transient Ischemic Attack,
Almost Instantly he wanted me back.

Of course I said yes because my love was there,
But to this day he shows that he doesn't care.

He hurts me and takes advantage of my love,
All I want is the love to be equal..thats all I pray for from the man above.

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1 posted 2000-03-02 09:24 AM

wow...I know it is hard to lose a boyfirned..but never over a disease..then when he finds out..wants you back, and treats you like dirt..I think it was Jerome who said and I quote "Men are pigs" Jerome, was that you..or Jer? One of you two replied it to one of my poems..Anyway, good job BC, if you or your friend wants to talk, ya'll can e-mail me. My family says I give good advice  

stay cool


 "For every beauty, there is an eye somewhere to see it.
For every truth, there is an ear somewhere to hear it
For every love, there is a heart somewhere to receive it".--Ivan Panin

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