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0 posted 2000-02-27 11:00 PM

Those who teased
And tortured me for fun
Had eaten away
At my heart
As it diminished
It was replaced by hate
As it was destroyed
So was my life
And my ability to care
Now that it is gone
I can never got it back
I have tried and tried
With no success
Because of those
Who teased me
My childhood is gone
What was there
I have erased
In an attempt
To ease the pain

© Copyright 2000 Christopher Elliott - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2000-02-28 10:31 AM

Hey, I'd like to welcome you to Passions, to begin with.  
Now, as for your poem, it was really good, and I know exactly where you're coming from.  But, I tell you now, that even though you went through a lot, you can still have your ability to care, you just have to trust the right people.  Give some the chance- the ones you think deserve it.  If you ever need to talk, you can e-mail me at  Sound good??  

~Kristi Lynn    

Danny Holloway
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2 posted 2000-02-29 01:27 PM

Hi, I would like to echo what Kristi Lynn has said.  It's hard often to know whom to trust but sometimes it's a risk.  People and kids can be cruel, but life goes on and we just have to look for the good that's out there.
Best to you and welcome to Passions!

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3 posted 2000-03-01 02:58 AM

Welcome to passions... I think you'll like it here everybody is your friend.   well you're poem had alot to say and I think that deep down you will be able to get some of the caring you back and redescover your heart. If you can't find special people where you're looking go elswhere and you'll soon descover them..HUGS  tracie

 Keep all the windows of your mind open
Anne Rooks

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4 posted 2000-03-01 03:44 AM

Hi and welcome to passions  

I loved your poem as it was easy to relate to. I know exactly where you are coming from. Don't ever think that you have lost the ability to care OK. As much as the world may be ating away at you, you are still a person and you still have a heart to care for people with. I had the same problem but if you trust in the right people you will eventually get it back. I only found my ability to care for other people late last year.
Good work overall  


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5 posted 2000-03-02 07:28 PM

First, Welcome to Passions! I enjoyed your poem. And second, I've been there. From the time I was in 4th grade all the way to my Junior year of high school I was teased. But...I had the last laugh. I ended up transferring to a different high school my senior year and found that all of the bully's that I had dealt with were there. To make a long story short. By the end of the semester I had twice as many friends as them, and made the winter formal court. That really ticked them off since they were going for that also. I guess what I'm tring to say is give it time. You'll get even. Someway, somehow. Just don't do anything dumb.  

<font face="Arial, Verdana" size="1" color="#000080"> Better to die, and sleep
The never-waking sleep, than linger on
And dare to live when the souls life is gone.</font>

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6 posted 2000-03-03 09:36 AM

Welcome to passions! Well the poem was had its faults but one thing i can say for sure..i could realte to it completely..u r rite bout a couple of things ..hope to see u more often! )faith
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7 posted 2000-03-03 08:45 PM

I was one of those who was tormented also.  Fortunately when I got into high school, things cooled down for me.  I still find myself struggling with these sorts of feelings every now and then.  I hope you can find some sort of peace within or with your faith, friends, or family.  Anyway, I really liked your poem and could relate.  Thank you for sharing your work and keep writing!


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8 posted 2000-03-04 10:29 AM

I know exactly where you are coming from... I was teased from kindergarden to the 6th grade (the brainy,chubby kid). But the same people who teased me then are some of my best friends now. I have learned to forgive, with the help of God. I hope you can do the same.  

 "To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world"

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9 posted 2000-03-05 09:17 AM

Not to seem unsympathetic or anything, but been there done that got the whole damn box of tee-shirts

i dont' care about anyone or anything either.... people actually enjoy it now

my advice to you... Screw those who screw you..... i like it...

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