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0 posted 2000-02-14 01:51 AM

"Pink, pink, pink!  How does this rosy color retain itself in this blossom called so prettily rose?
Lovely, icy pale sky of everlasting, loyal blue!  Always there, no matter the troubles.
Green, ah, green of earth, life and the vegatation abound!
Flowing, connecting, rooted to earthy brown..." sang the noisy white cat
Casting a baleful, amused amber eye about
Chuckling at the annoyance he saw, knew he caused, and reveled in
But didn't dare to creep closer within arm's reach

"Black, raven's wing, the color of endless space.  Without you, there would be no moon seen, no colors enjoyed, no stars wished upon
Just as the passionate red would thump, thump in the hearts of many wishing for love from above
And golden, cowardly, yet sunny bright yellow would blossom shyly and worth more than gold
Birthed from gentle, pure white that angels do adorn themselves so."

Silencing, shrieking, racing away
The noisy cat stopped short his song
When someone, a mysterious stranger, pushed him in
Sending a great splash! as a mix of tie dye met his fall
Making him sputter, scratch and howl
Before I lifted him up
Dried him off
And looked at the damage made

Whirls of yellow, black, red, pink, meeting
Spots of brown and orange
Joining together with green, leaving tender places of white undone,
And turning his paws blue
O what a sight this once noisy cat was!
Suddenly like a drop of rainbow from the sky above
And not the angelic white of a hunter
That all cats would preen and adore

"What a pity," I said, shaking my head at the mess
He was such a strange picture now to look at
I couldn't help but giggle as he rose, instantly, in distress
Demanding to see a mirror and look at his new self
To see all the destruction caused to his beautiful coat
As if a modern painter had raced in, thrown all his paint, and ran out again
Leaving a dizzy feline behind

"O I don't know," he said, looking at his now rainbow tail with a glee not known by me
"I rather like, don't you agree it is rather charming?"
Of which I couldn't answer right away
But smile faintly at his excitement
That I could not name

"You see, my dear, it is quite simple:
You think I've lost much of my normal self
But I think it is all for the better
Because not only do I have my health, heart, mind and spirit,
I have all the colors of the rainbows
To forever accompany me."

      Yes, mes amies, I'm feeling much better now.  Did anyone miss me?  *hears silence*    

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new orleans
1 posted 2000-02-15 10:09 PM

astraea: i definately like the story, though i'm certain to be missing something in the final statement made by the rainbow cat... or perhaps it wasn't meant to be deep?... either way this is excellent (and imaginative) work...

jerome the melancholy priest

 A savage place! as holy and enchanted
As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted
By woman wailing for her demon-lover!

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