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The Haunted Poet
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since 2000-01-24
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Sumner Washington

0 posted 2000-02-02 12:06 PM

My thoughts started twisting
I couldn't think straight
I soon started wishing
I wasn't full of hate

There's a demon in me
One I can't escape
I didn't want it to be
For now I am full of hate

It twists all my thoughts
And alters my mind
It calls all the shots
And doesn't seem to mind

I try to confront him
But he always eludes me
His morals are thin
But his hatred is deep

I then decided I've had enough
I layed in bed and I tried
To kill this demon but he is tough
For he was determined not to die

He threw his tricks at me
But I saw right through them
He realized this and ran deep
Into a trap I laid for him

I had this demon trapped
And he knew that I did
Then he smiled and tapped
Upon the glass that I hid

It all came crashing down
My whole thought out plan
I saw him start to frown
And then I was in his land

He finally dared to confront me
The one he sought to destroy
I knew at once he wanted it to be
His final grand reward

I fell to my knees
And held my head in pain
He started to tease
Staring at me in disdain

I finally saw him for what he really was
I knew it couldn't be
I started to scream in horror because
The demon turned out to be me

I saw all the lies and false hopes
My determination was utterly shattered
I knew I wouldn't be able to cope
For my beleif in myself was battered

Then I realized the facts
The way to stop the pain
The demon froze in his tracks
As I looked at him in disdain

I took three confident steps
Until I was right in front of him
The demon started to fret
For his lies were killed by foreign love

I then embraced this creature
For this demon was no longer thriving
I had finally learned to cope
For now my faith was no longer dying

I had help in fighting this demon
From two beautiful girls
But I'm afraid the price wasn't even
For now one hates me still

I will now try to get her back
We were once good friends
For I guess this demon had a secret attack
It seems that he has gotten his revenge

© Copyright 2000 Thomas - All Rights Reserved
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since 1999-12-04
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new orleans
1 posted 2000-02-02 12:17 PM

haunted poet: this is excellent work... i love the way the story develops and the twist that you give it... i wrote a poem with a similar theme once called "Dreams of a Fallen Earth" in which i turn out to be a "demon"... mabye i'll post it here in the future so we can compare *heh*... i think you've done a great job with this and i'm not going to pick at it because i think it's pretty solid as it stands...

jerome the boy with no brain

 A savage place! as holy and enchanted
As e'er beneath a waning moon was haunted
By woman wailing for her demon-lover!

The Haunted Poet
Junior Member
since 2000-01-24
Posts 37
Sumner Washington
2 posted 2000-02-04 12:18 PM

Thanks! I'll be looking forward to reading yours if you post it!
since 1999-11-09
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California! Yeah! Okay, I'm done now
3 posted 2000-02-04 12:31 PM

    I rather like this poem, I can relate to it, in a way, just switching around the genders, of course.     But otherwise, lovely poem and much enjoyed.
    Now, can someone tell me how people just seem to gather people for responses so quickly?  Is it because of the magic in the words?  Yes...[and now I think I know why I hardly ever get responses].
    Nevertheless, me like the poem.


 "Sometimes stars can only be seen in darkness."

"Sorrow's crown of sorrow is remembering happier things."

The Haunted Poet
Junior Member
since 2000-01-24
Posts 37
Sumner Washington
4 posted 2000-02-09 10:16 PM

Just thought I'd reply so it could be reposted!!! Please respond!
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