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0 posted 2002-08-04 11:36 AM

What is everyone's opinion as to what a critique really is?


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1 posted 2002-08-04 12:29 PM

A critique is a review of a work containing a reasoned judgement on its worth and possibly, but not necessarily, advice on how that work could be improved.

Member Rara Avis
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2 posted 2002-08-04 01:58 PM

A critique is one person's opinion, useful ONLY in so far as that opinion is trusted.
Member Empyrean
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3 posted 2002-08-04 02:10 PM

A critique can be the maker
or breaker
of a literary masterpiece...

Janet Marie
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4 posted 2002-08-04 03:56 PM

A critique can be a view thru anothers eyes of ones work that can allow them to see the writes merits, and or weak spots, and offer the writer ideas and suggestions to make the piece stronger...but as said is still one persons opinion and must be considered as such. If the person is someone you trust to be unbiased and sincere or hold in esteem as a talented writer then their opinion will mean more.  
Member Seraphic
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5 posted 2002-08-04 04:24 PM

Critique is a 'constructive' overview of a literary piece.  

It is certainly an opinion at best.  The more learned the critic, the more valuable the input usually is to the writer.  Any input which deviates from its focus by meandering into subjective or personal assessments, however, loses its constructive value for the writer.

Sudhir Iyer
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6 posted 2002-08-05 07:39 AM

A "personal" assessment of (a writer's) work based on his/her knowledge, intellect, with or without bias, and the stating of that assessment at a useful/useless opinion.


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