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Systematic Decay
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since 1999-09-15
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0 posted 1999-09-29 01:21 AM

Ok, I am thinking about making a web site to post poetry on, among other things. actually it would probably be more of a home page. But anyway, I attempted a web site before....complete failure....I just gave up. So if anyone culd give me any tips, suggestions, html codes, ANYTHING that would be of help to me, either an Email or reply would be very greatly appreciated.

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Poet deVine
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1 posted 1999-09-29 01:31 AM

Check out the Announcement and Links forum.. we've got some home pages linked there.. otherwise check out mine and if you like it, I'll give you some tips...

Get a Geocities free page if you want to start small...they have a 'page builder'.

suicidal dreams
since 1999-09-28
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Toledo Ohio USA
2 posted 1999-09-29 08:18 PM

amy u just started the sight and as your best friend i say its good
even though u forgot to list KoRn which you will die for.
but keep up the good work i cant wait till its finished.


life is short kill quick

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