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0 posted 2001-11-12 09:15 AM

One day I was digging through a pile of old papers, memorabilia and scrapbooks that someone had carefully filled many years ago with clippings from various publications of their day.  

This one really caught my attention:


(This curious old rhyme, read as it stands, expresses loyalty to King George, but read by half lines, pausing at the commas, expresses very different sentiments.)

Hark! hark! the trumpet sounds, the din of war's alarms,
O'er seas and solid grounds, doth call us all to arms;
Who for King George doth stand, their honors soon shall shine,
Their ruin is at hand, who with the Congress join;
The acts of Parliament, in them I much delight,
I hate their cursed intent, who for the Congress fight;
The tories of the day, they are my daily toast,
They soon will sneak away, who Independence boast;
Who non-resistance hold, they have my hand and heart,
May they for slaves be sold, who act a whiggish part,
On Mansfield, North and Bute, may daily blessings pour,
Confusion and dispute, on Congress evermore;
To North and British lord, may honors still be done;
I wish a block and cord, to General Washington.

(Author Unknown)

~~~~~  ~~~~~

This poem is a bit creepy, in my opinion!  But, it's a piece of history, and an example of a very clever little form of writing a rhyme.  This may have been written by a well-known Revolutionary War poet...there's at least one I've heard of who had split loyalties...but, the name eludes me and my online searches tell me nothing.

CAN ANYONE WRITE THESE?  I CAN'T!  This is pretty tricky.  I've tried, but mine come out terrible.

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since 2001-10-28
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1 posted 2001-11-12 09:18 AM

This is someone else's poem, from the Rev. War era...not written by me.

I feel I am safe in assuming that this is "public domain."  If I ever find a name to attach to this poem, I'll come back and post it!  

My interest is not in securing total rights to this verse, though, if it feels safe with me, then, fine....

I've searched online websites on Rev War poets, but find nothing that identifies the author.  There was at least one notable poet of the day...can't recall the name...who shifted his loyalties from Britain to USA, or vice versa or alternately both.  But, whoever printed and published this many moons ago didn't attribute it to anyone.

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2 posted 2001-11-12 09:23 AM

WOW!!!What an interesting style. I love it. I bet RSWells could write something like this but it is way beyond any small talent I have. I would love to see more written this way. Thank you for sharing it. Shoot...I think I will print it out and maybe just maybe I could do something a little like it. *grin* it would be fun to try that is for sure.

Love I leave with you whether it is in your life now or yet the essense of your dreams.

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3 posted 2001-11-12 09:28 AM

I am sure they will move this..for one it's not written by you and that is one of the rules on this whole forum and for another it is really  a discussion...but I will let  a moderator handle that. It is a very interesting style though.


"For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.
It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."

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4 posted 2001-11-12 09:31 AM

well you have the first line there. i'd take that thing down to the library and dig out these big massive monster tomes calleld "The Granger's Index to Poetry". there's a first line index. look for it in each tome, because each one represents a different organization of collected verse. ask the librarian to show you how to find the book with the full references and text from the index. providing you find the first line, you WILL learn who the author is, at the very least.

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Rex Allen McCoy
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5 posted 2001-11-12 09:35 AM

Within your Maze
Tears transform a tranquill room,
expose a sleepless night
Stumble over speechless sounds,
to liquify your sight
My eyes could shut and call this dream,
slip back through slumber's door
Though captured whys deflate serene,
deplete, arouse, deplore
I search within your eyes a light,
mear spark, disperse of haze
My touch caressed your salted cheek,
my thoughts within your maze
A sudden hug you cling to me,
my heart surrounds you tight
You turn away but snuggle close,
You smile and say Goodnight ...

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6 posted 2001-11-12 09:44 AM

I am moving this to Q&A, which for now seems the best forum for this....question.

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7 posted 2001-11-12 09:59 AM

Sorry about the posting blooper.  I'm a bit distracted now, there's been a big plane crash and it's on the news...I'll get back here later...this poem is also at my site

The news on TV is upsetting.

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8 posted 2001-11-12 02:13 PM

Rex, that's a beautiful poem.  My parakeets really like the frogs croaking on your pond website,, here's some more frogs for you:

I have this site bookmarked at

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since 2001-10-28
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9 posted 2001-11-12 02:18 PM

Wornways, thanks, I'll try that, though I think my printed copy (have to dig it out) said "Unknown" (rather than just no name or "Anonymous") -- I can't seem to find the same websites that I found before, either.  I'll try Grangers', though, too.
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10 posted 2001-11-12 07:17 PM

I don't know the poem - I find it to be quite artfully crafted, of course.  

I've tried this format only once - Here's My Morsel - /pip/Forum47/HTML/001912.html

since 2001-10-28
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11 posted 2001-11-14 11:38 AM

Okay...Nothing turns up in Grangers as a first or last line or as a title.  And, other searches give no results.

since 2001-10-28
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12 posted 2001-11-14 11:46 AM

This poem I found was printed -- not an original manuscript -- had been published, back in the day of the scrapbook, which was very old, and certainly of time-period within public domain.  However, I don't know if it was written long before that, or around the time that it was printed.

I think the poet I'd heard of before, that was hanged as a traitor, was John Andre, and here's a site about that:

He had to do with Benedict Arnold.  But, there's nothing that really leads me to believe he was the author of the poem I found.

since 2001-10-28
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13 posted 2001-11-15 09:09 AM

One of our local librarians recommended this great site: as a reference source.  

It's really a great site...for several categories, including first lines of poetry!

So, just thought I'd add this here.

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