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0 posted 2001-09-07 04:43 PM

Okay, I just want to clarify where I am supposed to post my poems...I was hoping to get some technical advice on my two poems, but maybe I should have put them in the critical analysis section instead of Open forum?  Or is the critical anal.  only for really good stuff?

Thanks, Im just trying to keep up...

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1 posted 2001-09-07 05:17 PM

CA is exactly where you should post if you want constructive criticism on your poem. There are a lot of experienced poets there who can help you with ideas for revision.
I hope that helps!

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2 posted 2001-09-07 06:17 PM

You can post it in Open and in CA.
This is not considered a double post, thus it's not against pip guidelines

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3 posted 2001-09-07 06:32 PM

If you indicate on your profile that you encourage critique, you may receive it in both.  Open, however, has more of a "read, share, and comment positively" complexion.  Critical Analysis is the best place for your work if you're really looking for indepth critique...
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