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0 posted 2001-02-08 06:46 AM

I have made replies to others poetry. Why can I not see it? Is it not an automic response anymore> or is it because I am using my bf computer for now? at least until mine is back up and running.

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1 posted 2001-02-08 07:17 AM

It's most likely your browser - It probably isn't refreshing your page instantly.  Try holding down the shift key and refreshing/reloading your page.  That may help.  Is your friend using AOL? They're the biggest offenders on this issue.
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2 posted 2001-02-08 10:07 AM

You post can be read in different ways.  But if you meant replying and not seeing it, Nan has answered your question.  But if you mean that the poems you've replpied to before are not highlighted, Yes, that's because you are using a different computer.  If you are using IE, for every page you visit on the net it makes a copy of the link on your c:\windows\temporaryinternetfiles  directory.  Your bf's computer does not have the your browsing history on passions, so it won't highlight the poems you've already read and replied to.  You have to realize that whatever you read and reply to on your bf's computer, your computer will not show.  This doesn't mean that your replies are gone, it's still in there for the replies are not saved on your computer, but somewhere else.

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