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0 posted 1999-08-26 10:41 PM

I was wondering if our replies to our own posts could NOT count towards the total number of posts we make. Since we are not notified by e-mail of replies we make to our own posts, I would think it more than possible. Is it possible? I think it would be more fair.

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1 posted 1999-08-27 08:57 AM

you capitalized not so there would be no confusion but tiz me so i confused are you sayin it would be more fair if it didnt count toward our replies cuz if so i totally agree some people thank every single person for their replies and worst o all some use the forums as their own personal bulletin board. wayoutwalt here works his butt off to get maybe 10 replies at most on a poem while i see others in a matter of 10 minutes get 20 because they are just 3 people talking back and forth one one persons poem. that person garners all those replies fair huh? I dunno think so....
Poet deVine
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2 posted 1999-08-27 09:15 AM

You gentlemen make two excellent points.

DE - I hope it hasn't become a contest to see who has the most postings! It's fun to see the numbers when Ron puts them together as I think it encourages people to read more poetry and respond. If someone is just 'thanking' everyone for their response, it probably would be best not to have that count. Not sure if the software can do this? Ron, guru of software will know.

Walt: Do you think we need a Bulletin Board for chitchat? I noticed one of the newbies, who wrote a really good poem, was getting a lot of responses. When I read them, I noticed that most of them were messages back and forth about something else.

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3 posted 1999-08-27 09:26 AM

Geesh - You'd think that with half a dozen Discussion Forums that people could find a place other than within a poetry response to Chit-Chat - wouldn't you???
But I have to agree with poet deVine on this one...

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4 posted 1999-08-27 12:13 PM

This whole topic has some very interesting nuances to it.

I know it can be disheartening to log on, see certain people with 10-20 posts on a poem (or multiple poems) and see nary a reply to a work you poured your heart and soul into. Then, you read their work and find that it is adequate, but they have the same 10 people responding to everything they've written - with pretty much the same comments.

On the other hand - is this a response contest? Are we posting to see who can get the most replies (kinda feels like Prom Queen and King elections).

An interesting phenomenom does occur on occasion when someone posts a poem which sparks and indepth discussion on ideas, philosophy, life, etc. do we want to discourage that exchange? What happens if that thread gets moved to discussion forum? Does the conversation die as a result? Hmmmmmm.... interesting ideas to consider.

Finally, what about those who post poems in the discussion forums? or post poems in response to someone else's poetry - is that rude? Does it selfishly draw attention away from the posted work?

Just some thoughts on a potentially complex thread.....

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Poet deVine
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5 posted 1999-08-27 08:37 PM

If a new poet posts a poem that illicits multiple back and forth comments by readers will that new poet be disappointed to see a few responses to the poem and dozens of replies between other poets?

We can't set up too many rules for posting - that takes the fun out of it! If we create a forum for nothing but poetry but doesn't allow responses, I'm sure a lot of work will go unread. I like to see the back and forth comments about a poem. And the camraderie here is something we don't want to lose...

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Lost Dreamer
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6 posted 1999-08-30 06:32 PM

I myself always reply back when someone responds to one of my posts, but it is out of gratitude, it's not to have mega numbers showing. I do notice that some poems do get lost with no one, or very few at all responding to them, but it happens to all of us here, for I have found excellent poems buried that have little or no responses. We all just have to quit our jobs, and devote 24 hours a day to Passions then will all be happy (maybe). Oh yea, I forgot we all have to sleep sometime too.
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7 posted 1999-08-31 02:06 PM

Leave it to you folks...I come to the Alley with a question and find a relative thread already started. With regard to "answer back and/or responding with thanks" postings...I think those should NOT be counted as a posting to the originator of the poem/prose, etc.

However, on the point of having one's poems seen: [and yes, this is a thread of thought which is already becoming a woven blanket...] I am assuming from some comments I have seen that if our posts gets buried by the avalanche of postings and have an eternal "O" by it, it is proper to bring it back up to the top ourselves for purposes of being read?

Another suggestion to add to the pot as far as responding to complimentary and/or critiques on ones poetry/prose: I have been trying to make a habit of holding back my thank yous for a few hours [or a few replies] because I knew in my heart that this only added to the "postings" I make and I'd rather have my original poems and my comments to other people's poems count, more than my thank yous to them.

That's it from this part of the peanut gallery. Thanks!

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