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Poe Ay
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since 2000-06-30
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0 posted 2000-07-18 02:28 AM

I have a problem logging in to the site.  Currently there are two people here using the same computer to access the Passionate Forums site.  But now however the computer only recoginises one of us, and unfortunately its not me.  It won't let me change who is coming into the site.
This email is being sent to you via my husband's login name and password.
I have tried to log him out, then log myself in, but have had no success getting in as myself.
My name in here is Linda Munday and I still have my password, and my husband's name in here is Poe Ay.
I have been unable to use the site as myself and I really want to.  Balladeer (michael) has helped me out a couple of times and probably thinks I've disappeared off the site, but I haven't, I just can't get in as me.
If you know how to fix this problem could you please let me know......THANK YOU VERY MUCH
Linda Munday.

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1 posted 2000-07-18 04:10 AM

Hi Linda, quick fix that should work for you till Ron or someone can help further...

At the top left of your screen in PIP is a black shadowed box with various member options, choose Members Area, Cookies and Preferences, then click the link to delete cookies.

Exit PIP

In explorer, go to View, Internet Options and press the button to delete the temp files, next to that is a Settings buttons, choose View Files and select them all (these are the cookies stored for all sites you visit so please make sure you have either written down or know any relevant passwords or bank information as these will or could be lost) then delete those, finally clear your history button.

That's the simplest way and safest to sort it out...

Yell if get stuck or the instructions don't make sense.. )

ps: you will be asked for confirmation when deleting via the Settings button, just hit the Return or Enter key on each one.

Hope that helps...happy writing


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2 posted 2000-07-18 01:27 PM

Or, just go somewhere to post a topic or a reply, and just change the user name and password to your own. That's what I do when I want to use one of my aliases.


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3 posted 2000-07-19 06:58 AM

Hi Linda - The administrative files show your membership as being intact - Try Rainbow Girl's suggestion - If that doesn't work, then email Ron... He can fix anything..
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