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Echo Rhayne
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0 posted 2000-05-31 04:40 PM

ok, I can use some help...actually the youth group at my church could use some help.  Every year we ebter the Fine Arts Fair....its a competition between other local youth groups...with such categories as Group human videos, solo human videos, group drama, solo drama, vocal catagories, instrument catagories, graphic arts, poetry, etc.  You are given points by 3 different judges and if their scores combined give  you enough points you are given 'Superior with Invitation' which means you advance to National's (which are held in different states every year)  Now, I'm too old to be in the FAF now because it is just for Junior High to High School students...but, and I just have to add this, and I dont know why because it goes against everything I deny LoL, but 2 years ago I was the only one from our group to win an invitation, and it was for a poem...which was the ONLY poem in our Southern California FAF history (20+ years) to ever go to Nationals...but anyway)...Our church is very small, as is our youth group, there are 6 youth and 3 adults needing to go to National's (which is held in Indianapolis, Indiana this year) and we are at a loss for ideas for fund raisers to raise the money to go.  If ANYONE has ANY ideas, please post them.  Nationals are the 1st week in August so we need to raise the money before then.  Any help anyone can give would be WODNERFUL!!  Thank you in advance!


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JOY 14
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1 posted 2000-06-05 03:39 PM

Hmmm.  I'm sure you have thought of the usual bake sales and what not.  Here are a few thoughts.  I don't know if they will work, but...

1. Organize a small carnival w/ games and prizes.

2. Sell homemade goods like jams, breads. Or sweets from a company like suckers

3. Hold a craft show.  Does your church have a group that makes quilts or affgans to sell?  Maybe they could sell some for this activity.

4. Perform skits or have a talent show and charge admission

Ah. That's all I can think of.  I hope you'll come up with something.  Please tell me how it works out!


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