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I am looking for the title to this poem or suggestions for where to look for this poem.

Recited by a lady from the early 1900's.  Early American or Canadian school poetry.


Two little boys growing tired of play
Roamed by the sea shore one summer day,
Watching the great waves come and go
Prattling as children will you know,
Of dolls and marbles, kites and strings
And sometimes even graver things.
At last they spied within their reach
An old boat, cast upon the beach.
Helter and skelter with merry din
Over it's sides they tumbled in.
Ben with his tangled nut brown hair
Bess with her sweet face flushed and fair.
Rolling in from the briney deep
Higher and higher the great waves creep,
Reaching out with giant hands
Higher and higher upon the sands
Grasping the boat with boisterous glee
Tossing it up and out to sea.
The sun goes down mid clouds of gold
Night comes with footsteps damp and cold
And now across the sunny sky
A black cloud stretches far away
And shuts the golden gates of day.
A storm comes on with flash and roar
While all the sky is clouded o'er.
The homebound vessel "Sea Bird" lies
In ready trim mid sea and skies
Her captain paces- resless now
A troubled look upon his brow
While all his nerves with terror thrill
A shadow of some coming ill.
The mate comes up to where he stands
And grasps his arm with eager hands.
"A boat has just swept past." says he
"bearing two children out to sea.
It's dangerous now to put about,
But they cannot be saved without"
"Not but their safety will suffice
They must be saved", the captain cries.
In peril vessel, life and men
Our God will not forsake us then
With anxious faces one and all
Each man responded to the call.
And when at last through driving storm
They lifted up each little form
The Captain stated with a groan
"My God is good, they are my own!"

Thank you.

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