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0 posted 2012-01-17 09:26 AM

I up-loaded a picture of me and my pet fish, message said it was accepted.  Haven't seen it yet.
Any idea on what the problem might be.  I can redo the up-load if needed.

Thank you!!


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1 posted 2012-01-17 10:16 AM

HI, JL. Here's the first two paragraphs from that page where you uploaded the photo:
The philosophy behind the Member Photos is simple. When you talk to someone in Real Life, you generally like to look them in the face. We can't do that at the forums (yet), so the photos are the next best thing. Your photo allows your Passionate friends to see you as they read your words.
If you understand that, then you'll immediately understand what is acceptable. Please don't upload cute graphics or pictures of your cat. The photo size obviously isn't very big, so group shots of your boy scout troop won't work well. You face is the only anatomy of interest.

If you want people here to see your fish, that's absolutely cool; insert it into a post here in the Discussion forums, or in a poetry forum with a poem about the fish. That way everyone can enjoy it . . . without seeing it on EVERY thread you start.

Although less critical than content, JL, your photo was also smaller than the requested 100 by 150 pixels. We can shrink and crop a photo without losing much quality, but making it bigger loses quality very quickly. The teeny picture of your fish, and the profoundly teeny picture of YOU would have coalesced into a jumbled fog of indistinguishable pixels upon resizing.

Please . . . I hope you'll try again.

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