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0 posted 2006-01-29 08:31 AM

I read many poems here from many talented poets. Occassionaly I am left curious what the poem meant as I did not understand it for some reason or another.

Is there a correct procedure or forum that allows questions to the poet without it being critical, because I honestly would like insite on how to read the work and what the meaning is or even to understand they type of poetry written.

I have often thought of asking questions in the reply, but I do not want to offend the poet by doing so.

Any advice?

hugs, Fee

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1 posted 2006-01-29 08:57 AM

Leaving a respectful question in a reply on the same thread is not only acceptable here at PiP, but should also assure the poet that others are reading their work.  If a poet does NOT want criticism, then their post will indicate that when you're replying.  

An alternative, if need be, might be to click on the "mail" icon beside the poet's name and send a site-generated email to them personally.

For the most part, it will be fine to make inquiring comments on their threads.

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2 posted 2006-01-29 09:00 AM

I think many of the poets here would appreciate a question regarding their poetry, Fee.  I agree with Nan, that a private email is often best - and it certainly encourages a deeper friendship over time.

Marge Tindal
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3 posted 2006-01-29 09:50 AM

Firstly, how very thoughtful of you to ask~
Secondly, the ladies above have given you some very good advice~

As poets, we often write KNOWING that WE understand what we've written ... but sometimes we don't see or perceive what others see or interpret in our words~
I do believe it's okay to privately ask a poet for an explanation if it will help you to understand a piece~

I think of poetry as a *word-gift* ... once the wrapping paper and ribbons are taken off ... we are each left with our interpretation, and/or admiration of the *gift*~

Through the years, I've given and received many *word-gifts* ... some of them have been a perfectly understood fit ... and some are simply tucked away to be savored as I perceive them to be~

I am sure that others often fit a 'meaning' to suit their own wants or needs at the time they open their *gift* ... and that's okay with me too~

Diplomacy in asking, in the event you need further explanation of a poet's intend, is always a nice way of handling it~


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Susan Caldwell
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4 posted 2006-01-29 09:55 AM

Some of my best friends here at pip started because I begged them to tell me what the meaning was behind their words..


ask away!

"too bad ignorance isn't painful"

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5 posted 2006-01-29 09:55 PM

Fiona, I've learned over time the most direct and generally least offensive/objectionable way is to simply say, I am not sure I understood this. It is perfectly OK to ask for enlightenment.
I believe most of the time writers want the reader to understand the message, if indeed there is one. But sometimes a writer prefers to be obtuse, may not care that the reader understand either intent or circumstances, but rather just FEEL the emotions conveyed by the words.
Does that make sense? Never hesitate to ask on any of my writes.

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6 posted 2006-01-30 12:06 PM

You could also post a link to the poem here in Q & A and we will help try to figure it out with you.  
Larry C
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7 posted 2006-01-30 07:49 PM

You need to understand Midnitesun almost always needs enlightening! Just kidding, she's my sis. Well I adopted her but I'm not sure she accepted yet.

There are several poets here I like to read and half the time I don't have a clue. So sometimes I'll read replies in the hopes somebody else got it. But you're getting a lot of good advice here. And it is a delight to see you here so often. I like your candor and your writing.

Just for the record, if you don't get my poetry 'cause I know you do read some of my stuff, just ask. But truth is I don't write that deep I just communicate that poorly.

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