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0 posted 2006-01-02 02:49 PM

Hi All,
I didn't see a board to intoduce myself so I thought I would ask here? Where do I go? Or do I just start posting? This is a great site I am am grateful to be here.

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1 posted 2006-01-02 03:06 PM

First off, welcome to Passions!

Posting all really depends on you.  Do you like a fun and fast moving general poetry forum?  Open.  Are you a teen writer?  Open or Teen.  Like a more relaxed atmosphere?  Pub.  Interested in heavy duty critiques for works in progress?  Critical Analysis.  If you write more 'mature' themed poetry/prose, you might consider Mature Content.  If your style is more prose oriented, there's Prose for short stories and the like.  There's generally a lot to learn in English/Poetry Workshops and there's a bevy of Discussion forums, from general Announcements, aggressive topics in the Alley, the laidback Lounge and mentally taxing Philosophy 101.  For tech questions/assistance, there's always Geek Stuff.

Once you have about 500 posts/replies under your belt, Sanctuary will open up (accessible from the bottom page menu) with Haven for poetry and Family Dialogue for discussions.  Also, there's no post requirements/quotas here.  If you want to post and aren't all that active due to Life, losing your connection, having a fried computer, your posts won't disappear and your posting priviledges remain intact.  We just had one member who was gone for several years happen to log in just fine.  If you just want to read, that's fine.  If you want to read and give responses, that's fine too.

Most of all, be welcome, kick back, and enjoy the many things this wonderful site has to offer.

Marge Tindal
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2 posted 2006-01-02 04:13 PM

Looking forward to reading some dynamic poetry from you~

Having briefly visited your website ...
I will greatly enjoy reading you~
Fantastic photography .... right up my alley~


~*No matter what I search for ...
let me know when it is LOVE that I find*~ <))><

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3 posted 2006-01-02 05:52 PM

Well, welcome. It's always good to see new members coming in here with the right attitude. I'm looking forward to seeing some of your poetry. Also thank you for your excellent advise. I will have to try that.

"It's my curse to constantly be in battle with Him."- Me

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