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0 posted 2005-01-24 09:36 PM

Ron and friends,

    I'm sure this question has been asked here before; I just can't recall where I last saw it addressed sooooo....
    What are the best ways to get my work published, sold, etc... What are the best resources? Where best to begin? What are the pitfalls/things to watch out for? Although my works translate as poems on the Passions site, almost all of my poems are actually song lyrics and I would love to see them put to music professionally. I'm just clueless on how to go about it! (lol) Lay your wisdom on me, my fellow Pipsters.

        Looking forward to hearing from ya,      

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1 posted 2005-01-25 05:57 PM

We used to have a forum devoted specifically to this quest.  It was moderatied by Ruth - hoot_owl_rn.  She's a great resource, as she's had many of her works published in a variety of publications.  If you'd like her email address, I'd be happy to forward it to you - Or you can research her here and send a request through the PiP software.
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2 posted 2005-07-04 08:54 PM

I have the same questions and concerns...
I'd love to get a clue on how to start getting published..
I hope Nan that you'd help me and forward me Ruth's email..if possible.

Thank you dearly

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3 posted 2005-07-04 09:26 PM


check your mail!

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4 posted 2005-07-05 12:30 PM

I get alot of my stuff stolen, so make sure you get you good poems pattened or copywrited.  Unfortunitly alot of song writers steal stuff so be weary were you post it on the internet. lol Why can't poeple be honest?

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