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0 posted 2004-06-22 05:44 PM

my new threads in the poetry forums work fine. but the replies I make never turn up. they just go missing. I dont know what is happening. ( see my post on Corner Pub #2 )

can anyone assist please?

june x

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1 posted 2004-06-23 01:27 PM

I can see them, so not sure why you cant?

le vent chante avec le calme doux
calme de nuit
sien beauté sur mes lèvres

Janet Marie
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2 posted 2004-06-23 04:48 PM

my old comp used to do the same thing..
I was told that sometimes its because your browser hasnt refreshed the page...I couldnt see my reply or others that has just replied.
sometimes refreshing the page worked and other times I had to click on another thread or exit the forums and come back in to view the missing replies.

Another way to see them is...
click on reply...then scroll down to below the reply box under the submit button,
in the blue box, at the end it says topic review...when you hit that, a window with the whole thread pops up and yours (or others) previously posted replies will show up.

Member Rara Avis
since 1999-05-19
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Michigan, US
3 posted 2004-06-23 07:11 PM

The Troubleshooting Guide includes a few short articles on common problems, including some advice on this one.
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