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0 posted 2004-02-16 09:23 AM

How do you avoid your writing becoming too cliched? Like when you are writing prose for example. It is so easy for the characters to become cliched and the plot. So how do you avoid it? Or at least make it not disgustingly apparent?!!

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Member Rara Avis
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1 posted 2004-02-16 10:20 AM

my thought is that if you write as if they were real people, you can readily avoid cliche... real people are unique, so characters that act as if they were real would be too. don't try to force them - let them do their own thing.
Janet Marie
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2 posted 2004-02-16 03:17 PM

I've found it helpful to try and write as I would talk. When verbally telling someone a story, we use descriptions and details, but dont talk all poetic and flowery as we do when writing. Use imagery and little details to set the tone, to allow the reader to see the scene or character you are sharing. Then once you have your main theme and ideas down you can go back and "dress it up" a bit to give it that prosey quality.

I came back to add...when I first wanted to try was very helpful to me to read in the prose forum here...we have some very talented storytellers in pips. There are some superb examples to learn from in back pages of the prose forum.

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Floating gently on a cloud....
3 posted 2004-02-16 03:50 PM

Ive been working all day, but Ive spent so long reading about what makes successful prose and what doesn't work etc that now I have a complete block and can't write because I know itll be useless! Aaaargh!! This is an assignment too so I can't just let it go for a while. Its due Friday...all 4000 words...


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4 posted 2004-02-26 04:28 PM

Just make sure not to think about it too much.
Unfortunatly that is easier said than done.

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5 posted 2004-02-26 04:53 PM

Liz why not just write it..then  reread it aloud and  maybe to a friend or family member and ask them what parts seem too cliche or overused..then replace them...the best thing to do is just write it..then you can make your can't learn to write if you don't at least put down your ideas.


serenity blaze
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6 posted 2004-02-26 08:15 PM

Yup. I get blocked everytime I feel like I "have" to write. Usually about that time, though, there is this smart aleck captain who persuades me to "tell" him the story, and before I know it? I've written it.

It's quirk of mine, I confess.

Kind of like Janis, when she said, "I don't write songs, I just make 'em up."

But I do like to go back and refine and edit-and edit--and edit--and edit--

Hope that helps.

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7 posted 2004-02-26 09:55 PM

...Serenity, really!  A captain tells you?  I thought NO one told you anything...
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I think I've begged one or two from you, myself!

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