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Open Poetry #46
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Auberge France

0 posted 2010-10-01 08:14 AM

As the mists and the damp of early November
Hid the whiapering woods of the Sangamon tree
The smoldering fires and all I remember
Was the curse of this land that still haunted me

Just at dusk as I moved through the shadows
Fear and my guilt caused unbearable pain
Your voice in this place is now just a whisper
Without any shape any form would sustain

The priests long ago I remember they told us
Stay far from this woodland,wait until dawn
When the darkness and all of its'voices have scattered
When the masters of death they have finally gone

The Ferial days,we knew they were narrow
Soon the things of the dark will be here,will be born
The house of the moon now is cold,now is empty
Prayer and my faith they surely will scorn

Alone in this grove in sorrow I've wandered
To hear your voice once again from the trees
Your fragrance mixed with the Nightshade meanders
Your scent I can feel as a stench on the breeze

It taunts me with whispers,it's part of the madness
The screams and the cries plead aloud from the cove
You're gone now,in torment my soul still remembers
The demons(their dwellings),at dark Purgas Cove

© Copyright 2010 ngaio Beck - All Rights Reserved
Eusta B. Mae
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1 posted 2010-10-01 08:38 AM

haunting imagery! Well done.  ebm
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2 posted 2010-10-01 09:08 AM

I can sense a flavor of Poe in this writing..extremely well done.
Member Patricius
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By the Seaside
3 posted 2010-10-02 09:18 PM

Welcome to the blue pages!!

I really look forward to reading more of your word.
This was a fine piece of art work.

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Kapolei, Hawaii, USA
4 posted 2010-10-08 10:15 PM

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