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0 posted 2012-10-22 12:09 PM

Mama mama
Why do I have
Black frizzy hair?

you are just
In every way.

Mama mama
Why am I hairy?

You are not hairy
Look at other
People that are
Hairier than you

Mama mama
Why do I have
Different blotches
Of color on my skin?

You are unique
in Your own way.
You are a
Special child
That god loves.

Mama mama
Why do kids
And people
Look at me
In a different way?
Why do they
Turn me away?

Don’t worry about them.
You didn’t do
Anything wrong.
It’s the heart that
Mama mama
Why do kids think
I’m a lesbian?
Is it because
I barely talk to guys?

Don’t listen to them!
You are my precious
Who cares what
Others think!
You don’t need guys.

Mama mama
Why did people
Throw spitballs at me?
Is it because I’m
And disgusting?

You are not disgusting.
You are pure and clean
Like an angel.
You have dignity
And sincerity.

Mama mama
Why do kids
Make fun of me?
Why do they bully me?
Is it because I’m different?
Is it because I look different?

Of course you are different
People don’t have the
Same personality.
Yes, you do look different
People don’t have the
Same appearances.
Mama mama
I can’t take this anymore!
Everything overwhelms me!
The kids think I’m some kind of toy!
They pushed me against the lockers.
They kicked me against the stomach.
They wouldn’t stop until I bleed.
It was just words.
Then it got violent.

Be strong you can fight it off.
Patience is the answer to everything.
Be valiant.
Stand up for yourself.

Mama mama
I want to die!
I can’t take it anymore!
Help me!
I want to kill my self!
I want to cut my wrists
Until, I bleed to death!
What did I do wrong?
What did I ever do?
I tolerated it!
Now, I can’t tolerate it anymore!
School is hell for me!
I really wish I was dead!

My baby don’t say that!
What will I do without you!?
You are my precious little darling.
You can’t think like this!
I’m your mother.
I will help you.
And you are right
You have tolerated enough.
We should move you to a school
That makes you happy.

Mama mama
Thank you!
I love you!
I can be free at last.

© Copyright 2012 madiha - All Rights Reserved
Bluesy Socrateaser
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In The Mirror
1 posted 2014-01-12 08:07 AM

The terror felt by some in these situations is very real to them. It's not new, you just hear more of it with today's many modes of information. The mother did the right thing all along, yet the moving option is not always available for some families.


...just bein' Bluesy

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2 posted 2014-01-12 01:55 PM

yupp I wrote about of what is going on right now and I used some of my experience when I was in elementary and middle school
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3 posted 2014-01-23 05:10 PM

Maddorani, you have written very well about this horrible situation that is reality for far too many children. I wonder why teachers have no ways to make such behavior stop. There should be much more attention to this problem.

I am an old lady, but I also have memories of school that stood with me for a lifetime. I remember not referring anything to my mother because I knew it would have saddened her and I didn't tell the teacher, because we always were told to be tough and not to whine. I told my brother though and he fought in my defense. When he was around nobody dared to disrespect me.

Very well done.


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