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0 posted 2012-05-27 02:30 AM

I can remember that day as if it happend today

Something that I never expected I'd go through

Of course it started out as any oher day

Going out and then coming home very late

I wanted to relax and shower then go to bed

But he had a different idea in mind

To do something he knew I never liked that he did

He was addicted and he never admitted that he was

So he left while I was still in the shower

I heard him go down the atairs and out the door

I then got very afraid to leave, never happened before

But I felt that Ihad to go, make sure he was ok

Little did I know it wouldnt end that way

So I walked twelve blocks in the darkest night I ever witnessed in all my life

When I arrived I assumed he was there yet nowhere to be found

Several minutes later was when I witnessed and experienced so much fear I never had before

It happend so quickly I couldn't believe that it did

I'm still not sure if anyone will ever believe this

A door being slammed open, then being dragged out by my hair

Someone else fighting for my defense, then I suddenly didn't know why it happend or even why I was there

I was told to stay inside as I started to cry

The next thing I knew I heard someone scream

Yet in that moment I finally realized it was them

I ran out so quickly and coulldnt believe

The things that I saw, I could hardly breathe

He was laying on the ground and I didn't know what to do

For several minutes he didn't move or even say a word

Then when he finally got up, he said we had to go

He said I was to be taken back home

That everything was my fault

Maybe it was I really still dont know

We walked what seemed like forever

Stopped at a store bought something

Then not even 5 minutes later it was poured all down on me

We continued to walk until police got involved

We were sent to the hospital because of the things they had seen

So many cuts and bruises all the pain on him

It seemed like forever before we were allowed to leave

There were no charges against anyone yet thats only the beginning

The next few days had seemed like my last

Yet the words I'm about to say were in the past

I was forced to him when I didnt want to at all

What seemed like forever until he was finally done

I thought it was over that he won

I tried to shower and erase the pain

Yet by only making things worse, not even the same

Even the simplest thing as taking a shower are no longer safe for me

He would invade my privacy force me on the floor

Several times when I was even slammed to the door

He broke my belongings inluding my laptop

How could I forget he was always on top

The tears that fell from my eyes meant nothing to him

Just more satisfaction because he would always win

As a shade of pink would turn to black

Shattered glass that you would think hit the floor

But it was broken by hands and forced into another

Over and over hit even after crying

You would think it would stop, that I'm dying

There were so many it always seemed to last

I couldn't go out, because someone would see

I was so ashamed, because it wasn't me

As I told myself that things would get better

I was proved wrong, this was no ever after

A simple walk and for someone to look

Turned into sharp agonizing pain, that was all it took

I'm not allowed, You belong to me

Those were his words, I was never free

A shiner on my eye was the result of one wrong word

Food poured into my hair for misreading a direction

Clearly this was no love or affection

An object that was held so sharp with a point

Things didn't seem to matter, I had no voice

No phone to make a call, no way out of the house

I was trapped and afraid, still dont know what it was all about

The days seemed to be longer as my nights were shorter

It was only a matter of time before someone would see

All the pain I had go through, everything inflicted on me

I would wear jeans & hoodies to hide the marks

I'm sure they would see them because they were so dark

The blood that was shed noone else ever saw

But I was there, I witnessed it all

Over and over another breath that I had loss

I didn't know how much time I had left, so I fought

Reaching for a way out, but he was always there

Blocking me from life, from anything with light

Another day has come, but how many more would I see

As I was now black and blue, so much I even bleed

So many scars and marks that had been laid upon me

But the worst one of all is this memory I always see

I was told that I would be able to move on

That one day all these memories would be gone

Those are the lies that I had to hear

Because the memories still remain

Memories so bad, they still bring me to tears

The nightmares that haunt me still

Knowing that he had the power and will

My life has been affected in so many ways

However this is one memory I wish that would fade

How come when its over it never truely is

How can a human being even do something like this?

This is my reoccuring nightmare that never goes away

I'm hoping that one day I won't have to relive it ever again

But until that day comes, I'm stuck with my reoccuring nightmare

Kate_Mcfee (Lily's Mom)

© Copyright 2012 Kate - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2012-05-31 09:38 PM

Despite the length of this poem, I was still captivated. It held my attention and played with my emotions. An extremely difficult situation was revealed in this story, and it happens all too often. Congratulations on being able to write such a horrible, disgusting event so beautifully, it is not an easy task. At some points I was a little confused as to what was happening, but that is easily worked on. All in all, wonderful job
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since 2007-10-19
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New York
2 posted 2012-06-01 11:08 PM

thank you I'm glad you liked it, I've actually been writing since I was 14 & I haven't written in a while and that was actually one of the hardest poems for me to right being an actual event in my life


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