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0 posted 2010-10-14 10:19 PM

I jump in the pool,
Thinking i'm idefeatable,
I'll never get hurt,
As i swim to the deep end,
laughing and slashing,
I begin to sink,
As I grab the side of the pool,
Gasping for air,
I love you,
You'll never break my heart,
Your different then that,
I love you so much i can't explain the feeling,
As you pull me in even more with your smooth moves,
god, i love you,
Days after,
I see you with my best friend,
Your kissing her,
My heart is broken,
knowing what you did,
I cry for weeks,
I jump back in,
Carefully i slowly go to the deep end,
It Takes longer for me to sink,
But i still sink,
The life guard helped me up,
I gained a fear of the deep end,
I stayed in the shawlow end for then on,
We talk it out,
I know it's alot of lies,
But i love you,
For a while i was convinced,
It was a mistake,
It happends again!
I've have enough!!!!!!!
Why would he do this to me?

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1 posted 2010-10-16 12:16 PM

Interesting... thought-provoking and heartfelt. Expressed juvenilely, which is not criticism because that fits the subject matter well.

Some people are creeps. They eventually learn better, but some don't in this world.
As for the swimming pool, lol, I didn't much like the deep water until I became a stronger swimmer, either. Practice at the intermediate depths, perhaps?

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