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Toronto, Canada

0 posted 2008-12-29 06:29 AM

Lucifer, in Latin, 'The-Light-Bringer'.
In my hood, we increase the masses.
With density from the lifeless darkness,
Where flames spark from a trigger
A dreadful object so familiar,
A frightful sighting
Like angels descending with arc's of lightning
Crowned with gifts from the conquered
I'll take this place for the time being
Frail human-beings aint living.
They have no soul after the blazing.
'Def' return's twice as strong;
Your paltry forces will fall
From an array of artillery
Under the protection of nightfall
Embrace the fear
It's uncomprehensible...
No laughter in my unclouded years
Flesh is the sanguine sacrifice
Sunset shines off the ice.
The price was too high.
No glory this day.
Hundreds of nameless tombs
Torn clothes, flesh and dreams.
High endeavor end's with catastrophes
Like the twin towers of liberty
I'm a supreme pedigree
Stopping the street pharmacy, promptly...
A personality that pricelessly puts forth floetry. that’s a psyche...
In the midst of desolation
Against all odds encountered
I'd rather fall with my face towards a foe
Although I would endear pain.
I can come back and write the poem
I'm known as the grammatical cannibal...
Like the stars are known to the night
Lost in the moonlight, the mire is deep.
I creep through it, the peaceful still asleep
Miles into a forest,
I witnessed a hooded gathering of "Sieg Heils!"
I thought only prophecy had cross's burning
With blood and nails
Ignorance never fails...
What's worse was the little girl there in pigtails
The grimy details I will spare you,
As well as the indignity and shame...
Differences are many
But skin color is not what should be blamed
It’s all pointless, like a color blind racist.
If everyone’s vision was deprived of color,
Would we only see smiles on faces?
Would we all go to the same churches?
Would nations have boundaries?
I can’t wait for that day
The day we can sit down with popcorn and candies
Unable to tell who was gonna be the first to die in movies!!!!!

© Copyright 2008 Brian M. Caouette - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2008-12-29 11:20 AM

I love this
Tales of heroism, despair, and faith,
It is exceptionally well written
Thank you for sharing

since 2008-11-21
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2 posted 2008-12-29 04:05 PM

I really loved reading your poem and love your style - very unique.  Thanks for sharing.


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3 posted 2009-03-13 08:45 AM

Omgah! I love this
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4 posted 2009-03-15 08:43 PM

LOVE your style. You've got a gift- I enjoy all of your poems.
since 2008-12-03
Posts 186
Toronto, Canada
5 posted 2009-03-31 12:36 PM

Thx for all the feedback on this piece.
It is one of my favs as well.

- If I cant bend Heaven, I shall move Hell -

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