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It doesnt matter who they are
I will hurt them near and far
It doesnt matter yes or no
Crushing their hearts that go go go
Yes means pain does no
Yes has a process
Feelings that win out my internal contest
Im terrible mean and rude
And truly have a bad attitude
It never ends well never will
It always ends with "sorry im leaving you"
No means less pain
I think of it as a gain
You're free to pick and choose
Someone more suited than me for you
I'm sorry for the pain i've caused
I understand this is my own lost cause
I'm harsh and cruel
And just flat out rude
I'm just sorry for what ive put you through
"I promise I'll stop" "I'm sorry" i say
These are just lies to keep feelings at bay
I feel unable to love
Not in any way
Im sorry  my mind is clouded and confused
I'm sorry if you feel somewhat battered and verbally abused
I'm sorry for these things i just have no courage to say
I'm sorry for all the people that ive hurt
I feel like ive opened wounds and covered them in dirt
I'm sorry for the things ive done
I feel i should be on the run
You think im fine so you never ask
Thats because i hide so well behind my mask
Please dont ask because i wont tell
So dont expect me to spill like a well
I'll stare into the distance
And act like an idiot
Pretend not to hear
And hide my tears
I'm sorry i cannot change these things i do
I'm sorry i cannot become someone new
I may not talk
I may only walk
I'm sorry im sad
I dont want you mad
I'm ok alone
I wont even take on a disagreeing tone
I have my own world
Where i can imagine and twirl
Nothing is real
Even though i can feel
I'm sorry im strange
And seem a tad deranged
Just lock me away
Thats all i can say
Then you'll be free...
Free of me...

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1 posted 2009-10-29 11:12 PM

This is Awesome.

There are places in the heart that do not yet exist; suffering has to enter in for them to come to be - LeonBloy

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