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0 posted 2009-01-06 10:43 AM

If today never happened
Would tomorrow be the same?
Would the most famous of us still be in the game?
The world’s blood is boiling,
The inhabitants are crying
What else can you expect
When Bush's reign isn’t dying?
Crimes against humanity,
crimes against the soil.
What the hell wouldn’t he do
For that lower priced oil?
Reduced awareness,
we shouldn’t be in the Middle East.
A Continent in crisis,
no food to eat not even spices.
The African Nation is where the disease runs rampant
Souls lost in a basin,
enough blood to coat the pavement
I envision 8 year old's
with fanatic antics running with bombs
No care in the world,
pulling the pin reciting the psalms
What else can you expect
when half the population is raped?
Racists from all races,
the world’s tears are the rainfall.
Wrists sliced with razors,
too many lives cut short.
Rail the next line,
carry on and Sip that moonshine.
In a cell block
the newspaper's headline can’t shock us
"The Fate of The Masses",
a parole board in a deadlock
Now I ain't Mr. Sherlock,
I ain't built like Shamrock.
Sure as hell ain't as pretty
as Michael doing the moonwalk
But my prayers won’t be silenced,
even if left gagged and sightless
Write the perfect cipher while fueling the silos
What goes around comes around,a pure cyclone,
So watch what you’re doing,
in the street or home alone.
Cause judgment comes to us all,
it’s your choice to follow.
Rise or fall, go in silence or bellow your call.

World food prices climb.
A depression is near cause no one spends a dime
Gas costs soar like the price of uranium ore
and alcohol at the liquor store
Religion is pressing the soul.
Picture a boy, 9 years old asleep on a mat
Treated like nothing better than a common sewer rat.
Head to toe he lays next to the other young boys like a litter of pups
In his country there are no welfare start-ups.
No hope of growing fatter
To eat he finds a charred pancake cup
and eats the batter
The floor is concrete.
He sleeps with a small 5x5 square sheet
Covered in dew
no protection cause of thin walls
Bigger pups take his cover,
so to a corner he crawls
No protection from the 'draft', he shivers.
No help can be delivered
He awakes, Body shaped scrawny.
He disappears under his torn t-shirt
All he wants is love.
All he needs is a meal and maybe a dessert
The bombs fall and he hits the dirt.
His senses on alert. His feet hurt.
He runs away on the unpaved street.
He sprints just to maintain heat.
Never will he see his brothers again.
He hides in a field of Wolf's Bane
He wishes he was on a plane.
To the Ukraine or the capital of Spain
A bullet strikes. His life doesn’t remain.
But at least it is a release from pain
Cruelest fact is he was not stolen.
Just Handed over to the leaders of the Quran
Another life traded
for religion in the middle of the Sudan.
In war the scan for life is important
like a job with an stock plan
The world needs organization, man.
We need a real public relations man.
No one listens!
They must think this is awfully boring.
So I say shame on you
It makes my eyes teary.
I just wanna leave this world in a taxi.
Because no one wants to believe...
These words are based on a true story...

© Copyright 2009 Brian M. Caouette - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 2009-01-06 01:16 PM

You have an amazing talent in this area of writing. I love how you can sum it all up and let the world know what's going on. I especially liked the last line  
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