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As the seasons turn
she is not concerned.
A mother bird watches
as her egg hits the earth.
A curse it seems
being the first one birthed.
She hates when people
ask "how yeah feeling today".
She wants to be alone today.
Mayhem she feels, torture her today.
This time a voice she makes...
Not wanting to be a burden
just wants to be heard and...
even thou her age is 18
she still just wants to be seen,
her inner self, she views.
Yet doesn’t know what her purpose is for,
an inferno of drizzling rain,
no loss of pain,
a soul, whole, slain.
She likes to fight,
is alive when she brawls.
Thoughts evil like
"I'll just kill them all"
bring them love through war,
she figures if I can’t live free
what is the point in living for??
Don’t mess with her,
in the long run,
she is the worst one.
Her father even taught her
to smile spraying a water gun...

On the rise again,
this is the work of Osiris,
a deadly virus, and a soul in crisis.
Shift the Earth, Shift its axis.
As the world turns
and it burns and burns,
cries from the depth,
a betrayal worse than "Macbeth"
Like Ming-The-Merciless
Her sire, forged in hellfire,
flesh and barbwire,
Yet she defies man.
dazed by her worldly way,
sweat stains his army fatigues.
Intrigued by the shadows and
thoughts of her being a rich widow,
he tangos through his life,
his existence leaves her
such a bitter memo.
He makes her crawl,
She can never win.
even crawls in her own skin.
She’s in a pool with piranhas,
embalmers that wrote her obituary.
But to her not a bit is scary.
Image in a mirror,
bound by God's law
turned her back on her peers,
his message is the divine saw.
She Views life through a crack,
the fact she can't leave his side.
was more than enough to encourage suicide
The place where she comes from
isn’t there anymore.
she is responsible for,
tearing down hell and
building a city behind it.
Her Hell-bent imagery forever in infinity
Now the unexplained is shown to her.
The mysteries, the thrones, the thorns
the heavenly stairs to destiny.
the sanctuary shown in virginity
and all the lies that plague man-kind
when they believe in the holy trinity

- If I cant bend Heaven, I shall move Hell -

© Copyright 2009 Brian M. Caouette - All Rights Reserved
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