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The Keeper Of Keys
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0 posted 1999-09-02 09:44 PM

A little background on this one, I tried and I tried to win a certain girl's heart. Much to my dismay, I did not prevail. She was as wonderful as she was unreachable...


I continually feel the urge to run to you. You are like a desert's mirage, never shortening your distance from me no matter the speed I run. Yet I continue to pursue you into the desolate horizon, desolate for it obviously holds no promise for me. A desire not yet felt is sometimes the worst of it's kind. You insist on having what hurts, but you won't have what heals. A strength undiscovered lies awaiting you and I; a world undreamed exists just beyond that desolate horizon…I know it…I feel it…I want it. Alas, it shall not be, for you are only a mirage and I just the fool who chases it. If and when the time comes that your courage and hope have fleeted you, look no further than this undiscovered strength, this undreamed world, this 'fool' who chases after you.

~^~^~The Keeper Of Keys~^~^~

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1 posted 1999-09-05 01:59 AM

Great work! I really like this. We've all
been there, at that one time in our life when
we wanted what we could never get. I truely like!

Love can be searched for in Infinity, Found within Eternity,.. Lost within Seconds..

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