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0 posted 1999-06-24 10:19 PM

What does it matter
What I'm feeling now
How it affects the future of me
All the emotions flowing inside
That hurt like it's never hurt before
I wonder if it even matters
When the next day, so many changes can come about
And what was felt yesterday
Is already forgotten
Who hates me now, may love me tomorrow
Who rejected, may accept
And who is happy, may be sad
When what you feel today
Is the most important feeling ever
Is quickly diminished by a one even greater
Climb up to love, in a series of steps
Each more important than the other
Things change quickly, and the heart has to accept
The girl I hate, may be my future wife
The kid made fun of, the next president
And nothing is to be done
Why is it worth, all the blood, sweat, and tears
^For something only lasting a day
Why can't we just skip to the future
Where the past is recorded and viewed with chuckles of laughter
Just childish fantasies
Which seem all too real today
The crystal ball sensed
A change in the future
But won't have any of it now
What I think may be the best for today
Is the best for tomorrow
That realized, the Earth keeps on spinning
The future growing every day
The feelings stronger
More emotions flowing inside
What does it matter?
Even today, not even half way there
Look back and laugh,
At the feelings once so strong
Can't believe I said that,
Can't believe that's what I thought
Matured so much, in only a short time
Many hourglasses for every point in time
Each leaking quickly
Sand rushing
Signifying change in thought
Yesterday a movie to look at and laugh

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1 posted 1999-06-25 01:09 AM

That was SO true. Reading that made me think about my problems now, and realize most of them WILL be gone tommorow. That was great!
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2 posted 1999-06-25 01:11 AM

This is a great poem. It really explains alot. It's very true about life and such. I feel the same way.


~don't let your love pass you by....~

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