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In the space between moments

0 posted 1999-08-08 12:45 PM

Winds glittered with forgotten dreams illuminate the dreary night,
Sending darkened angels soaring across the skies in an angry flight.
Teardrops fall from their solemn stares, touching abandoned souls,
For their golden showers of love are rarely felt in the confusion below.

Anger emanates from each boiling crevice in the lost, tragic earth,
And no relief to hatred seems in sight, compassion simply has no worth.
Men have turned against themselves, hopeless fire ravaging their hearts,
And yet they despise this twisted nightmare, wanting a new start.

The winds of change are icy, bringing storms of cold, cruel rage,
Sometimes it seems we were better off before the dawning of this age.
Why is it that no longer can we have mercy upon those we call our own,
That our souls are frozen to all feelings, our faces carved like stone?

The shadowed angels still hover silently above this broken land,
Shimmering with brilliant light, still willing to lend a loving hand.
But as long as our hearts remained encaged, blackened by the dark,
Their softly glistening spirits will never leave a steadfast mark.

For now forgotten dreams remain just that, lost within the clouded dust,
True love has no merit, replaced by the emptiness of meaningless lust.
Perhaps one day the sands of time passed will blow in once more,
And allow the love of shadowed angels to shine into our now locked doors.

*Krista Knutson*

"Your kiss upon my face feels like a brush with grace, baby thats all it takes to take me higher..." SHeDaisy

© Copyright 1999 Krista Botterill - All Rights Reserved
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