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0 posted 1999-08-06 01:05 AM

Sorry if these two poems offend anyone, they
were meant as a joke.

Our story starts in a skate park one day
Where all the boarder were in the bikers way
One biker attempted to do a flare
But the skater made him trip, he didn’t care
The biker got up, and ran up to the skater kid
While all his skater friends ran and hid
The biker said “You skaters are really gay
And for making me fall, you are going to pay”
The biker pushed the skater, and the skater pushed back
Then all you heard was the bikers fist against the skaters face “Whack”
The skater, he was knocked out cold
But his broken nose he still did hold
There was blood all over the entire place
But everyone was looking at the skater’s face
The skater woke up and yelled to the biker, “It was a cheap shot”
The biker responded, “Yea, right my mom could have put up a better fought”
The skater got up and lunged at our hero on the bike
But this was a mistake by the skater, what was about to happen he wouldn’t like
The biker jumped off his bike just as fast as he could
And stole from the skater his precious piece of plywood.
The skater just stood their, fear filled his eyes
Then finally he said, “Please come back here you guys!”
But all his skater friends were no where to be found
They were someone hiding, not one of them made a sound
Then the biker took the board and thrusted it at the skater’s head
It cracked his skull, and the skater, well he wound up dead
The biker just looked at the skater and said “And that is why
Skaters don’t mess with bikers, cause if they do they will die.
They are all gay and think they are better than all the rest
But for a skater, a biker is the one true test.
If a skater can survive a beating from one of us
Then he can survive being ran over by a bus.”
The moral of the story is all the faggots who ride plywood
Stay out of the bikers way the best you could.

© Copyright 1999 dude - All Rights Reserved
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1 posted 1999-08-06 02:05 AM

Well I don't agree not all sk8ters are pussys.
I am a Sk8ter Chick and we are just having fun... nothing wrong with that I hope. No harm comes to anyone.

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2 posted 1999-08-07 06:16 PM

lol that was a funny poem but i do have 2 agree with psycodillica. Most of my friends r sk8ers. That was a funny poem thought i really liked the style of ur writing.
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3 posted 1999-08-11 06:20 PM

Wow I never knew all Skaters were gay faggots, you learn something knew everyday don't you. Ever heard of the word "sterotypical"?
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4 posted 1999-08-14 08:18 PM

Didn't you read the first thing his post said, "Sorry if these two poems offend anyone they were meant as a joke." Do you know what that means? Don't take them seriously. It is supposed to be a joke for one of our skater friends, don't take it so seriously!

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