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** I wrote this poem while hanging out with some close friends. My first time on shrooms**

It's a clear black night, a clear white moon.
And we will all be leaving this place soon.
Sitting around getting ready for the night.
Wondering who will be the first to take flight.
What we do is definitely a sin.
But it's our religion so it's time to begin.
STEP 1 take the adventure out of it's wrap.
STEP 2 stare at it's sky blue cap.
Roll a small ball out of the tin.
Then do STEP 1 to the adventures twin.
Laying them out side by side on the table.
Don't ask me if I'm ready, I know I'm able.
Then like a religious ceremony.
I hold my tickets out infront of me.
Looking at what I've been waiting for all night.
Chew my tickets down and wait for the flight.
No plane or pilot will steer this trip.
Grab my B.C. brewed and take a little sip.
Up to the card table to play a hand
I feel myself heading toward the sacred land.
As I sit down into the kitchen chair.
I realize that I am finally there.
I have reached the point that I seek.
I have begun my trip, I have begun to peek.
Can't turn back now for it's too late.
I have started the best part... hallucinate.
No one else sees what I can, I know this.
But I see different in the eyes of
"Elvis"(pet cat)
I think he knows just by the way he looks at you.
Maybe he is on my wonderful trip too.
He leaves to go sleep like a furry little elf.
Leaving me to proceed on my journey all by myself.
My friends are all laughing and their words don't make sense.
It makes me feel alone, dumb and dense.
I stop the muffled voices and invite them to the park.
The three of us head down alone in the dark.
We stare up to the skies above our pride land.
While smoking a reefer passing it hand to hand.
Making pictures and words out of the balls of light.
The three of us live to fly at night.
Hanging out in Elliot park, L,B&R.
We all know that another flight night is not too far.

© Copyright 1999 Daniel R. Cuellar - All Rights Reserved
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