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Darkness imprisioning me
i cannot escape thee
the rage is undying
the pain is unrelenting
i feel intense fear
but sad enough to bring upon a tear
i am happy enough to laugh
how, in this world you ask
this new emotion is without words
i cannot feel i cannot see
i feel my soul burning with the icy grips of death
she has decided that it is my turn
she has decided that i shall burn
but i refuse to go quietly into the abyss
but there is so much left, none that i want to miss
i have lived a short life
how quickly it can be cut by deathly knife
i stare into the menacing soul searing eyes of my own personal hell
i despise this domain which i dwell
sometimes i hate this dark and freezing place
my life slipping away is all i can taste
these are the thoughts of everyday life
these are the emotions of a teenager
these are the results of a fallen civilization
these are my pains, my emotions, my results
i have become one of the fallen
i have fell from grace
i am fallen

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This poems is very strong and powerful, keep up the talented writing!


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