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since 1999-07-26
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0 posted 1999-07-27 12:39 PM

My so-called boyfriend,
such a worthless and arogant a**hole you are.
why did i sit there and let you rip every caring and loving piece of my heart and soul away from me, how will i ever learn to trust anyone again.

My so-called best friend,
such a self-centered and fake snob you are.
you left me hanging onto the edge when i was struggling with my life, how will i ever learn to forgive and forget.

My so-called guy friends,
none of you with a heart or a mind or your own.
you guys believed every word he fed you and of course you STILL follow in his footsteps, man i do miss you guys, though.

Why am i still sitting here letting my life fly by, when i know my so-called true love is out there.
i guess i just feel so torn and worthless since you destroyed me.
how can i learn to live again.

Why am i still sitting here letting the time pass by, when i know my so-called true friends are out there.
i guess i just feel so betrayed and foolish.
how will i ever learn to trust you people, i can't go on like this.

I guess i will just do what i do best, suck it up and live my life. you know it is really hard to live the pretend/happy life.
i guess you could say its my SO-CALLED life.


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1 posted 1999-07-27 04:32 PM

What happened?
Addie Anne
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since 1999-07-22
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norman, oklahoma- usa
2 posted 1999-07-27 06:51 PM

that was really good. it reminds me of a bunch of people i know. my now X boyfriend stole everything from me. i gave it to him actually, but he didn't return anything back. now he's with someone else and having the time of his life. keep wrighting because it is our only chance to be heard.
with all hopes for the futuer to come,

Princess Lily
since 1999-07-13
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3 posted 1999-07-27 10:44 PM

Good job!

We see only what we want to see~unless perhaps~we believe

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since 1999-07-28
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New York, N.Y. USA
4 posted 1999-07-28 04:38 AM

I can definitely relate.
it seems like every1 u trust sh!%s on you.
Your only true friend are the ones who stick by u thick and thin.

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5 posted 1999-07-28 07:07 AM

I can definitely understand this one. It expresses your feelings well. Thank you, my dear.

Shall I indulge in flights of fancy hampered by clipped wings?

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brooklyn ny
6 posted 1999-07-29 08:10 AM

I love this work but im nto sure im happy read this b/c now u have me dying of curiosity onto wat hapened that gave u this reaction...please share.... ...You do have great talent are truly one of a kind and i cant see y u havent found you "so called true love" or "so called frineds"


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7 posted 1999-07-29 11:53 PM

thank you guys for responding to my poem, it means a lot! you guys wanna know what happened so, ok ill tell ya but you have to understand that i live in a very small town (500) and i have 22 kids in my class-wow huh?! ok it all started when i went out with one of my best friends, he totally changed in a month-didn't talk to me, giving me the cold shoulder, etc. anyways i tried talking to him cause i know if we broke up we wouldn't be friends anymore. that following week he dumped me the worst way imaginable(for me anyways). when we were going out i hooked my best friend and one of my guy friends up, i regret it sooo much. i don't even thinks she remembers me, i told her that i had been thinking of 'easy way outs', i started getting depression back times ten and it had a lot to do with what my ex was telling people. she didn't even seem to care, she didn't have a single clue to what i was going through. he turned all my guy friends against me, etc. he dumped me three days before x-mas and in front of everyone, i wont be specific, but it was horrible. i just gave up with everything, the thing is i can't shake things off so i guess this is how you feel when you don't let any feelings out. sorry to bore you guys, i got a little carried away! there is SO much more to this but i think you can imagine.

thanks for listening, i appreciate your guys' responses, & i hope you write me back!


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8 posted 1999-07-29 11:54 PM

geese i didn't think i wrote THAT much!!!

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In the space between moments
9 posted 1999-07-30 12:13 PM

I feel for you, butterfly. Keep on writing, its the only way some of us can deal with our pain. Thank you for sharing this piece. It is very good.

*Krista Knutson*

"I will sail my vessel 'till the river runs dry, like a bird upon the wind, these waters are my sky..." Garth Brooks

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