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It's been a long time, years since they've spoken
It's obvious now that the bond has been broken
Two lovers who once had so much to say
don't know what to do when it's not that way
It's painfully awkward
They both try to talk but it all comes out wrong
So they stand, not speaking, even the air seems to still
And then enters a prescence no words can fill

It is the sound of silence

A girl's cries echo from a bathroom stall
As bright red blood drips down the surrounding walls
She slit her wrists, this is HER blood she shed
Life got hard, she thought she was better off dead
But now she realizes she doesn't want to die
And this is the cause of her heart-wrenching cries
"Please God, if you let me live, I won't do it again, I swear!"
But the only response to her desperate prayer

Is the sound of silence

The slam of the door tells her her husband is home
And tonight, like all other nights, he is stoned
And when he is stoned, God, does he get mad...
She still has scars from other fights they've had
So now as this drunk monster staggers into her room
Fright grips her heart, tonight may seal her doom
And the only sound as she fears for her life

Is the sound of silence

It's a miracle this man has lasted so long, no one seems to know how
But finally it's his time to go, it'll be any moment now
This man seems to know that heaven awaits
and soon he will be greeted by those pearly gates
What a pity though, that he has to die all alone
Surrounded by a solitude that hurts his very bones
and now as he succombs to the grips of death
the only sound as he takes his last breath

Is the sound of silence

The sound of silence is one we've all heard
It's not simply lack of noise or words
It's a sound of it's own which is known to all
It make even the loudest noise seem so small
It's the noise that fills even the quietest place
Heaven forbid you meet it face to face
For it strikes fear in the hearts of even the most proud
and leaves you to wonder how silence can be so loud

Hark! The sound of silence!

© Copyright 1999 Emmy - All Rights Reserved
Black Rain
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1 posted 1999-07-24 09:55 PM

Hey Great poem, I like it!


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navwin » Archives » Teen Poetry #1 » The Sound of Silence

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