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Katy, Tx: U.S.

0 posted 1999-07-23 01:00 AM

A Painting Of You

When you glance at her bueaty so exquisite and rare,
Your heart can't help but stop and your eyes to stare.
For beauty like hers is rare indeed,
and can only be found few and far inbetween.
For you to truly comprehend these few words i've said,
let me describe her grandor if i may-paint a picture in your head.
Hair so radiant it shines and sparkles in the sky,
Skin so pale and delicate the color milky white.
Eyes so alive with energy they dance all by themselves,
A smile so sweet and innocent you're heart can't help but melt.
An attitude and personality full of spunk and life,
it shows the world your point of view throughout its daily strife.
All together it's a combination of stunning beauty outside and in,
A danger to behold for the hearts of all men.
So if ever you see her and watch her shine through a storm,
Know that no ordinary mortal could create a painting of such brilliant form.
For a picture this perfect no artist could ever do,
It comes from the vision of our lord and he calls it-
A Painting of You...

P.S. Please respond and tell me what you think of this poem i wrote. Thanks!

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In the space between moments
1 posted 1999-07-23 01:25 AM

Very beautiful!!

*Krista Knutson*

"It's a crazy thing, fate has perfect wings..."-Deanna Carter

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2 posted 1999-07-25 07:53 PM

I love this poem! it's exquisite. You did a really good job because I'm certainly getting a picture in my head. Email me:

"Play like your the queen of hearts."

*Acid Angel

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