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The moment that I knew is the moment when I looked onto
one’s eyes and the celestial stars shined out from them
dripping from the moon inside.
It all seemed like a blur except the constellation I saw
inside of his heart.
Everything else surrounded me as just night, Plain and
black, but when he spoke into my heart the stars began to
shine through me.
Light began to fill the darkness that hid me, the darkness the
others left behind.
The was a lift in spirits.
Everything started to form into place as the empty
hollowness inside me was filled.
Every moment spent was another star that shined even
brighter than the brightest.
The person, the one who saw the light in me, he was what
made my night not just a pit of nothing, but like diamonds
scattered around to all fit perfectly into the darkness.
Everything is how it should be now, and the dark clouds can
not cover my night, for in that night is the one, the one that

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1 posted 1999-07-22 05:14 AM

Thank you for pointing me at this one. You craft free verse, far better than I. I delight in the imagery you use.

Shall I indulge in flights of fancy hampered by clipped wings?

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