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I lay awake at night
Not dreaming of the fights
I block out the screaming
With the sounds of my cries

I wanted to believe your lies
Thats all you ever told me
That's all i ever knew
I wasn't my fault it was you

You ask why i'm always sad
Can't you see it's all i can ever be
I can't help it it's not the way i want to be

The yelling and the screaming
Tears away inside
The hittin and the bashing
Only bruises me outside

I am slowly and painfully dying
At least it will stop the crying

I know you think you know
Just how it feels to be me
Wake up
The reality is it's real for me
And just pretend for you

You don't know how i feel
Or what i'm going through
All i care about is you

I'm frightened to fall in love with you
YOu don't understand what i'd put you through

My life is so different from yours
I don't want you to get lost in me
In the my sad depressing life

Don't try to stop them hitting me
You wouldn't understand
My life will always be this way
Just promise me you will stay

I Need you everyday
Although i don't show how i feel
I hope it might be real

Be there for me
Hold me in your arms
When the tears continue to fall
Kiss away my fears
Give me hopes and dreams
That i can think of
When i hear the screams
I can put up with it all
as long as i know
That i've got you
YOuve got me

please post what you think

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navwin » Archives » Teen Poetry #1 » Awake

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