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As I sat by the blazing fire
I said, "Grandma I must truly inquire
What makes you love Grandpa so?
And how over all these years did your love
And to this I added, "And how did you meet?"
"Well", she so unwaveringly declared as she
started her tale.
"It was twenty five years to this day I'm
sure my mind does not fail
Your Grandpa and I were as young as can be
Like to doves so untroubled and free
We attended the same highschool,in fact,
the same as you.
We were different in every way, opposite in
everything we'd do
But it did not matter, when I looked into his
I knew he was better, better than all the
other guys.
And I saw images of angels singing his praise
Above all the rest I knew he would raise.
So one fateful day he invited me to his
parents cottage on the lake.
I almost wanted to play hard to get, but
disinterest I could not fake.
And on the boat as we drifted along,
All I could hear was the birds harmonious
It may have been many years ago
But every detail of that day I do know.
Experience one more perfect, I have not yet,
Another feeling like that I never did get.
As he leaned in to give me a kiss
My mind and body felt complete bliss.
And in that moment he asked me something
that felt so right,
As he put his arms around me and held me
And in that second time did stop, as he
whispered in my ear to be his wife.
I replied, of course, I will love you
unconditionally for life.
And now, twenty five years from that day, I
love him in that same unconditional way.
For true love will last forever and even more
My love grows with each day, each day I love
him more than ever before."
Then my Grandma looked at me with a look
wise beyond her years
As her eyes became damp with tears.
But once again she looked young, so vibrant
and sweet.
I even thought I felt the sun bouncing off
her face, must have been the fire's heat.
She said ever so firmly and confidently, "I
love him now and I always will,
Now it's time for your little old grandma to
take her pill."

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westminster ca usa
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This is a poem most people never think about...I read it over and over...I LOVE MY GRANDMA!!!
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