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In the space between moments

0 posted 1999-06-16 01:34 AM

A child cries out, lost in the night,
A tiny bird falters and falls from flight.
Emerald eyes glisten from newly shed tears,
And a lost soul looks back on the wasted years.

A family screams out for the loss of their own,
The sun that once shimmered is now barely shown.
Warm, balmy breezes have now turned to ice,
And a once happy life is now not so nice.

A heart once brimming with love is now closed to all,
An invicible being has taken the fall.
Compassion thought to stand for all of time,
Now holds no kind of reason or rhyme.

I once thought my life was easy and bright,
But now upon me is a seeming eternal night.
My soul was alive with you by my side,
But along with you, my heart has died.

I know that I should move on, leave the past behind,
Go forward and seek the hope I need to find.
Yes, I realize this, I know that it is true,
But things just aren't worth it since I lost you.

© Copyright 1999 Krista Botterill - All Rights Reserved
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Twilight Zone
1 posted 2001-02-24 03:33 PM

OMG...this is really sad
i havent seen much of your poem, so i decided to see the first poems posted from the start of the forum. This is beautiful Krista....I didnt know you can write so well. Never really read much of you poems. This has definitely impressed me

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this give life to thee." W.S.

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In the space between moments
2 posted 2001-02-24 10:50 PM

LOL, it surprised me to see you searching me out, acire....this is a very old one...thanks for reading it and I'm glad you liked! One of my better old ones I guess...some are horrendous though, I'm warning you! LOL. And as for my poems, you've got to dig around, but I have a ton here...things have just been slow lately for my poetry...but heck, there are always slow times, so I keep on plugging away...

*Krista Knutson*

I'm a slow dying flower
In a frost-killing hour
The sweet turning sour and untouchable...
-Natalie Merchant

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3 posted 2001-02-26 03:59 PM

Wow...this was really really really sad, almsot made me cry. I was just surfing around PAssions and i decided to check out the teen forum from when i wasnt a member yet. It seemed to be pretty dead compared to what it is now. great post though I dont get to read your work often


¤Sometimes the hardest thing to get over, is something you never really had¤

Love sent rom Above
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4 posted 2002-02-23 01:43 PM

Wow!! This is really impressive writing! The strong emotion that you have expressed, made the reader (me) feel somthing incredible!!! Keep'em comming!!! Thanx so much for your wonderful poetry!
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the wonderful land of oz
5 posted 2002-11-01 03:00 AM

some very strong imagery in this piece.

nice work.

and i finally have a face to put to the name.  


what if they gave a war, and nobody came...

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Realm of Supernatural
6 posted 2007-11-13 07:50 PM



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