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Mystic Essence
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0 posted 1999-09-30 10:04 PM

Alone within a swarming, shifting sea of thousands,
Hidden within the shackles of a self imposed mask.
My strength is shattering within my trembling hands,
The stone shell breaking, the rawness now to last.

I've always been the rock upon which you lean,
The flickering candle to light your dark skies.
But can't you see this diamond is loosing its gleam,
These carefree wings can no longer gracefully fly?

The never ending weight of guilt crumbles me,
As upon my weary shoulders, you rest your world.
My soul is drowing in darkly painfilled seas,
And in disbelief I watch everything become unfurled.

This glowing candle is gently fading to black,
For no one truly understands the depth of my pain.
Perhaps one day I shall find the strenth I lack,
But for now, the shadow of my life is crimson stained.

Thanks for the help in posting, Alwye.
My tears are but a glimpse into the fiery tempest of my soul.~© Althea Willow, 1999~

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