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0 posted 1999-09-27 06:29 PM

I feel so paralyzed
He's ripped off my wings
I'll never get away

Please let me breathe
It's been so long.

You think you love me
I hate you now
Will you ever set me free?

From your butterfly
I finally got away

I opened my cage
and flew off with rage
You'll never forget me

"They sing the stories of the present, of people trapped in a shadow world" ~Charlotte Seley~

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Systematic Decay
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That place with padded walls and funny people in white.........
1 posted 1999-09-27 07:59 PM

I liked that poem, simple and to the point. I can imagine a butterfly, fragile yet enraged flying off into the world.
Great imagery

"Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage."
-Billy Corgan-

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In the space between moments
2 posted 1999-09-27 09:47 PM

Stunning Imagery, Raven. Truly beautiful work, I'm glad to see you post again!

*Krista Knutson*

Wise is he who faces the frailty of man with the strength of an understanding heart. -- Daniel L. Miller

Artic Wind
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Realm of Supernatural
3 posted 2007-11-13 07:38 PM



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