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They cry with all their might,
but very few hear.
Their calls are filled with fright
because they know the end is near.

As their arms are taken,
all they feel is pain.
The ripping, tearing, and shaking,
is an inhuman thing.

The victim is innocent
and there is no doubt.
That many are deaf
to that baby crying out.

This one's one of the first actually good poems I wrote. It's probably going to cause some controversy, but hey, what's life without some excitement. Also, if you're going to argue over this one, I have two rules I'd like you to follow if you expect me to actually read your reply:
1)No bashing me.
2)No saying I'd think differently if I was a female, most of the people that influenced my opinions are female, between my mother and most of my teachers, so come up with a better arguement.
That's all. :P

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1 posted 1999-09-20 05:31 PM

Honestly Im pro-abortion for a few reasons....the main one being that if a child is unwanted...there are going to be adverse psychological effects to say the least.
Also, if a child is wanted, but the mom isn,t ready to be a mom, they could do a bad job parenting and screw the kid up in the head.
And you can always say that there's adoption...and thats true. But what kids going to feel good thinking mom and dad didn't want me? And what if the time comes and even if your an unfit just can't bear to let that child go?

I defend the first 2 reasons...because i know from experience...and anyone I know will tell you, I'm one f*cked up girl>

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