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0 posted 1999-09-18 06:54 PM

I see her every day.

She sits in scilence all alone.

She is trumendously different from us.

She knows more but wont talk.

If you ask she wont answer she'll just sit and look.

People make fun of her and dont think of what they did.

People just dont stop before their actions.

The rudeness is immense and I know it will never stop.

And any terible horible thing they can do to her they do.

I aways think if I were in her place how would I feel.

She wont let you help she just will let you talk to her.

I watch her every day and she knows I care but has been though so much she cant speak.

Every one says she is a mute but I know there wrong.

Its as if I know her better than I know me.

Well thats because she is me.

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Echo Rhayne
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1 posted 1999-09-18 06:57 PM

WOW, that hits home. I can relate fully to that poem...I like it a lot.
Systematic Decay
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That place with padded walls and funny people in white.........
2 posted 1999-09-18 07:01 PM

well that girl is me too...i know exactly how you feel

"I stay inside my bed
I have lived so many lives all in my head
And don't tell me that you care
There really isn't anythintg, now is there?"
-Trent Reznor-

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3 posted 1999-09-21 08:17 PM

Your poem really touched my heart.
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