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The pipTalk Forums - What are they?

If you don't know what an Internet forum is, we think you're in for a treat. Our main site is designed for posterity. That simply means the poetry is going to be there for a very long time and be seen by literally millions of people. The main site is a book, albeit a constantly growing book, that people will return to again and again. Books, by their very nature, last a long time. But they also take a long time to put together.

The forums are more like a magazine. The poetry posted there is darn near instant, added with the click of a button, and the feedback from readers and other poets is just as quick. We think of the forums as instant gratification. But that certainly doesn't mean you won't find some good poetry there. Indeed, many poets post their work there first, while waiting to be published on the main site.

We think there is room for books and magazines on the Internet. Judging by the number of visitors going to the forums these days - you seem to agree.

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