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You can use HTML to insert graphical images in the body of your message. Unless you have a real good memory, the easiest way to use these in your messages is to copy & paste them. Highlight the HTML tag with your mouse pointer, then press CTRL C to copy it into the clipboard. When you get ready to use it, press CTRL V to paste it.

Warning - this page has a lot of graphics and will take a while to load. As you sit here and wait, think about that and realize the same thing will happen if the Forums become cluttered with numerous graphics. Please use only one image per message, and only if it really adds to your point. Thanks, and Have Fun!

Don't forget that the Forum software will automatically insert the most common icons for you (see the FAQ).


Standard Icons


ic03.gif (241 bytes) <img src="">
ic04.gif (284 bytes) <img src="">
ic05.gif (284 bytes) <img src="">
ic10.gif (173 bytes) <img src="">
ic12.gif (350 bytes) <img src="">
ic13.gif (1758 bytes) <img src="">
ic14.gif (384 bytes) <img src="">
ic15.gif (630 bytes) <img src="">
ic16.gif (1537 bytes) <img src="">
ic17.gif (648 bytes) <img src="">
ic18.gif (213 bytes) <img src="">
ic19.gif (152 bytes) <img src="">
ic20.gif (242 bytes) <img src="">
ic22.gif (144 bytes) <img src="">
ic23.gif (205 bytes) <img src="">
ic24.gif (235 bytes) <img src="">
ic25.gif (992 bytes) <img src="">
ic26.gif (1021 bytes) <img src="">
ic27.gif (874 bytes) <img src="">
ic28.gif (1110 bytes) <img src="">
ic29.gif (974 bytes) <img src="">
ic32.gif (534 bytes) <img src="">
ic33.gif (1037 bytes) <img src="">
ic34.gif (1197 bytes) <img src="">
ic35.gif (909 bytes) <img src="">
ic36.gif (516 bytes) <img src="">
ic37.gif (125 bytes) <img src="">


Animated Animals


10280 bytes <img src="">
7232 bytes <img src="">
8775 bytes <img src="">
5124 bytes <img src="">
7267 bytes <img src="">
1370 bytes <img src="">
5492 bytes <img src="">



Animated People


2873 bytes <img src="">
5263 bytes <img src="">
8771 bytes <img src="">
13376 bytes <img src="">
22379 bytes <img src="">
38323 bytes <img src="">
7546 bytes <img src="">
64262 bytes <img src="">



Animated Icons


995 bytes <img src="">
1578 bytes <img src="">
1537 bytes <img src="">
621 bytes <img src="">
4940 bytes <img src="">
<img src="">
6364 bytes <img src="">
10115 bytes <img src="">
20349 bytes <img src="">
3594 bytes <img src="">
9258 bytes <img src="">
7676 bytes <img src="">
11963 bytes <img src="">

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